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Live Happy Science Editor Paula Felps has worked as a freelance writer and editor since 1998. Covering topics ranging from health and fitness to luxury cars and travel to business and technology, she has written for such publications and websites as Executive Travel, American Driver, Self, Reserve, HI Luxury, Go Magazine, Private Clubs, and

Much of her writing has been on subjects that she is passionate about – including music, environmental issues and personal wellness. She is the author of six published books and has served as ghostwriter or editor on nearly a dozen other book projects, ranging on topics from business to spirituality. 

In addition to her work as a writer and editor, Paula is an advocate for sexual abuse survivors and founded the Sexual Abuse Resource Network in 2011. When she isn’t at her computer, she is probably practicing yoga or doing something with her two Boston terriers.   

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Young Asian woman giving the peace sign.

Inclined to Be Kind

Whether giving or receiving it, kindness does a body good.
Actress and survivor Mariel Hemingway

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Finding Normal

Mariel Hemingway shares her search for sanity in a candid new documentary.
5 Ways to Flourish

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5 Ways to Flourish

Positive Psychology's PERMA model sums up the road to authentic happiness.
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Green is Good

Research shows that even a small amount of green space does lots of good.
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How Positive Is Your Online Persona?

What you do online has repercussions in the real world.
Want to Start Meditating?


Ready, Sit, Meditate

Pick the kind that's right for you and get started!
Superintendent Aaron Sadoff with students
Superintendent Aaron Sadoff with students.

The Happiest Superintendent

Happiness is the top initiative for this school leader.
Family walking on the beach


Naturally Happy

Spending time in nature is important for our mood—and our health
Living for Likes

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Living for Likes

When we obsess over how we present ourselves on social media it diminishes life offline.
Dancers in Bhutan

Happiness Around the World

The quest to thrive in life goes beyond age, country, belief and circumstance.
Woman waking up in bed and kissing her dog.

7 Science-Backed Tips for a Happier Morning

Not a morning person? Here's your well-being wake-up call.
Dancing Man in Cincinnati

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Keenan West Stands Up to Bullying

YouTube Star Stands Up to Bullying

Keenan West's message is all about speaking up for others
The Norwegian flag with hands in a heart-shape in front of it.

World Happiness Report Names Norway Happiest Country in 2017

The just-released report holds a few surprises this year.
Happy older woman


How to Be Happy at 90

The results of this study on happiness and longevity will surprise you.
Find Happiness in Your Headphones

Illustrations by Shaw Nielsen

Find Happiness in Your Headphones

We know it can move our feet and fill our soul. But music can do wonders for our health and happiness as well.
Little girl holding up a globe.

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Can Happiness Save the Planet?

Positivity helps promote environmental awareness—and vice-versa.
Young woman looking at her phone with irritated look on her face.

Is Facebook Making Us More Jealous?

The green-eyed monster has taken root on social media.
Maya Angelou

© Dwight Carter

History Teacher

As Maya Angelou taught us, you must teach what you learn
Make Positivity a Priority

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Put Happiness on the Calendar

New research shows why we need to plan for more joy in our lives.
People celebrating happiness on a beach.

Image above by FS Stock/ All images below from WOHASU in Miami by ©Cindy Baldhoff, 2017.

World Happiness Summit Merges Meditation and Motivation

Miami happiness conference spurred fascinating discussions on future of well-being, mindfulness.
Woman listening to music on her headphones.

What Is Your Healing Rhythm?

Listening to your favorite music is even more powerful than you thought.
How to deal with bad-news overload


How to Cope With Bad News Overload

When the news offers nothing but despair, these tools will help you stay balanced and keep the negativity at bay.
Map of the world.
Two women doing yoga and meditation
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What Happens When You Combine Exercise and Meditation?

The two practices are even stronger together.
Woman working out on mountain

© Corbis

Fit for Happiness

Get fit, feel happy. Or is it the other way around?
“Belief,” filmmaker David Shadrack Smith

New Documentary Explores the World of "Belief"

Filmmaker David Shadrack Smith looks at rituals around the globe for film that premiers October 18 on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network
Group of happy elementary school kids.
Monkey Business Images/

Happy Schools Make Happy Children

As educators bring well-being into the classroom outcomes change for the better.
Man and woman getting married


The Truth Behind 3 Happiness Myths

Our long-held assumptions about happiness may be more fantasty than reality.
Is Your Fitness Tracker Making You Miserable?

Yulia Grigoryeva/

Is Your Fitness Tracker Making You Miserable?

For maximum well-being, stop counting steps and focus on enjoying yourself instead.
Swizz flag
Woman meditating by a lake.
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The Real Meditation Is Every Moment

Mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn wants you to stop doing and start being.
Hayley Williams of Paramore

© Pamela Littky

Happy Exception

Paramore's Hayley Williams remains an optimist
Positively Coincidental?


Positively Coincidental?

The science of synchronicity may make you reconsider those ‘moments of chance’
Tori Amos

Photo ©​ Amarpaul Kalirai/Mercury Classics 

Tori Amos Still Listens to the Muses

The genre-bending musician taps into creativity by looking outside herself.

The Power of Grit

Exploring the passion of perseverance.
Apps designed for mindfulness

3 Must-Have Mindfulness Apps

Mindfulness can come from anywhere, including your iphone and tablet.
People in a POUND fit class

Photograph ©Brita Potenza

Your Mind on the Move

New studies show the many ways exercise can boost your brain.
Music makes us happy

Dean Drobot/

Clap Along

Science backs up what we already knew: Music can make us happy
Home Loan

Ron Sturgeon, fiancee Linda Allen with Catherine and Amber Jenkins and their service dog, Maggie.

Home Loan

Texas mogul helps tornado victims in time of need.
Man trying to be happy

Carlos A. Oliveras/

Are You Trying Too Hard to Be Happy?

Relax, it's OK to experience the full spectrum of emotions, from light to dark.
Pound fitness helps teen

Sarah Knobloch, right, and Kathy Larkins Moore, a fitness instructor in Nashville, Tennessee.

Pound it Out

Hip-hop music and and a drum-based fitness routine help teen overcome serious brain injury.
Alex from Orange is the New Black has her own story to tell
Laura Prepon plays Alex Vause (Cleary Wolters) in Orange is the New Black (Getty Images)

Real-Life Alex from "Orange is the New Black" Has a New Book Out

Cleary Wolters has found a new purpose in life: tell her own story and help others avoid her fate.
'Gratitude' written on a notepad

Choose a Word of the Year to Create Lasting Change

A word with true meaning can be a touchstone during the ups and downs of 2017.
Baby sleeping on a tiny bed

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5 Essential Tips for Getting a Great Nap

Adults need naps, too, so make sure you get the most out of it.
Ona Bouchie knows about the power of play

Born to Play!

Ona Bouchie knows about the power of play.
Pile of shoes


Do You Really Need That?

4 Tips for Consuming Less and Saving More
FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)


Is Everyone Having Fun Without Me?

Social media and resulting FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) could be making us feel more isolated than connected.
Paula and Marcy: Best Friends for Life
Woman setting goals on her laptop.

Keep the Change

Use these goal-setting techniques to create lasting change in 2017.
Girl scouts in Cincinnati

Photo by Cindy Baldhoff

Scouting for Happiness

Cincinnati Girl Scout Troop launches ‘smile campaign’
Floating Toward Happiness

©Image Source/Getty Images

Floating Toward Happiness

Isolation therapy may be just the boost your brain is looking for.
People celebrating International Day of Happiness
Playlist with breakfast

Can You Spice Up a Meal Just by Changing the Soundtrack?

New research shows that music affects the way we perceive flavor.
Give Your Job a Makeover!

6 Quick Tips for a Job Happiness Makeover

Sometimes you have to love the job you've got.
Man practicing qi gong outdoors.

Try Qi Gong to Discover Your Peaceful Center

This ancient Chinese practice fluidly combines meditation and movement.
Maya Angelou

© Cindy Baldhoff

The Voice of Hope

Maya Angelou's voice is as strong in her death as it was during her life
International Day of Happiness in Renton, WA

Celebrating the International Day of Happiness in Renton, WA on March 19, 2016.

Happy Days Are Here

Lively celebrations for the International Day of Happiness sprang up around the world this year!
Happiness panel at the United Nations

A panel of happiness experts convened at the United Nations today to discuss the global movement toward happiness and well-being.

Be Part of Character Day on September 22

Take Part in Character Day on September 22 [Video]

Celebrate strengths, build connections and make positive change in the world.
Group of coworkers

Monkey Business Images/

Strengths in Numbers

New book illustrates how we can best put out strengths to work
Cute couple laughing hard together.
Getty Images

This Is Your Brain on Humor

When you find something funny, your entire brain is in on the joke.

5 Foods to Boost Your Mood

Some foods can give us a natural lift. Learn how to incorporate them into your daily eating.
Learning to flourish can help you go beyond happy

Photograph by Johan Jeppson and Timothy Murray

Go Beyond Happiness

Learning to flourish can help you feel good and function well, even during challenging times.
Jonathan Groff

Jonathan Groff at the Happiness Wall. Photograph by Cindy Baldhoff.

Woman with idea lightbulb


5 Ultimate Happiness Hacks for Your Brain

Find peace and equilibrium when you pay attention to your central wiring.


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