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April 2015

Thinley Yangzom. Photo by Geoffrey Oliver Bugbee.

Is Bhutan the Happiest Place in the World?

By: Geoff Oliver Bugbee

“For me happiness is not only for myself, but also includes my family,” says Thinley Yangzom. “If there are needs in my family and I can provide for them, that is what gives me satisfaction.”

Three happy woman at the beach


33 Ideas to Bring Happiness Into Your Life

As the International Day of Happiness approaches on March 20, we are highlighting some of the things we think make life great.

The happiness walk

Walking the Talk

By: Chris Libby

For Paula Francis and Linda Wheatley, two women from Vermont who really want to have a conversation with you, the journey of 8,000 miles starts with a single idea of spreading awareness that everyone has the inalienable right to pursue happiness.

Candace Cameron Bure and family

Balancing a Full House

By: Gerry Strauss

Candace Cameron Bure’s success as a parent is rooted in her own family upbringing. We watched her grow up playing young D.J. Tanner on the still-popular family sitcom Full House, and she emerged from that experience as a well-adjusted, happy young woman.

Bluebird of happiness

Illustration by Delia Jalomo


The Bluebird of Happiness

The bluebird is a symbol of happiness in many cultures around the world, including in Ru

Happiness expert Gretchen Rubin

Photograph by Michael Weschler.

Habits Can Be Happiness-Forming

Gretchen Rubin shares incredible insights on how to create positive habits that will last.

Joyful women

Tom Wang/

Dare to Be Happy

By: Dan Tomasulo

Flip the switch from negativity to positivity with these three simple tips.

Coworkers celebrating

Andrey Popov/

3 Surprising Reasons to Celebrate at Work

All work and no play makes coming to the office a chore. Read on to learn the three surprising reasons why you should be celebrating more at work.

Community garden

Green is Good

Can being in nature restore your well-being in just five minutes? Science says "yes."

Photograph courtesy of The Gentle Barn.

Gimme Shelter

By: Marie Speed

Santa Clarita, California-based The Gentle Barn is the last resort for unwanted farm animals (there are 170 now), which it nurtures for the rest of their lives.

Dancers in Bhutan

Happiness Around the World

By: Paula Felps, Katya Cengel

Abandoned as an infant on the streets of Calcutta, India, Jayme Illien was adopted by a woman in the United States. His mission, he realized, was to share what he believes to be the purpose of life: happiness.

A hillside in Bhutan

Photograph by Geoff Oliver Bugbee

Be Happy in this Short Life

By: Geoff Oliver Bugbee

What secret to happiness is held by residents of the mountainous kingdom of Bhutan? Find out here.

Happy family in Costa Rica

Photograph by Carlos Arias and Ricardo Quiros

Happiness Is Just Around the Corner

By: Diana Rodriguez

What's the secret to happiness in Costa Rica, where residents enjoy high life expectancy and levels of general well-being?

Great Danes

By: Annelise Sorensen

What is happiness? It depends on who you ask, of course, but the Danes seem to have it figured out. According to yearly worldwide surveys dating to the mid-1970s, Denmark is consistently voted the happiest country in the world.

Photograph by Takashi Owaki.

Secrets to a Happy Life

By: Takashi Owaki

In Okinawa, elderly women are respectfully called obah, or grandmother. Because residents of Okinawan communities feel deeply interconnected, an obah is everybody’s grandmother. A recent visit to Miyako Island revealed the secrets of three obahs’ long and joyful lives.

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