Good Morning America

June 2015

Good Morning America is Happy at Work

Photograph by Heidi Gutman.

Good Morning America is Happy at Work

By: Gina Roberts-Grey

The cast and crew of Good Morning America may have to get up early every day to report the news, but the cameraderie and sense of purpose on set keeps them happy—with a deep sense of purpose.

Be more courageous in life!

Photo © Getty Images.

33 Ideas for Living a More Courageous Life

Courage is one of the greatest virtues that we all possess. Facing our fears in the presence of danger and adversity can give us the strength to persevere in any situation and boost our confidence and well-being.

Sunday suppers with Rev Run

Dinner With Rev Run

By: Chris Libby

Countless studies show that sitting down with your family for a meal is good for your well-being. If that doesn't convince you, maybe you'll listen to a man of the cloth: Rev Run, the legendary frontman of hip-hop group Run DMC, is showing the rest of the world how to get families to the dinner table with Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers.

Yummy zucchini salad!

Photograph by Steve Woods

The Bite of Spring

By: Brigit Binns

Looking for something light and healthy this spring? Try this salad featuring zingy feta cheese and nutrition-packed raw zucchini that is shaved with a peeler or mandoline.

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