Live Happy February 2017 issue

February 2017 Issue

Actor Theo Rossi in a diner.
Photograph by Nina Duncan

Theo Rossi Has a Lot on His Plate

By: Greg Archer

Between intense TV and movie roles, actor Theo Rossi makes a point of giving back to the community—in a big way.

Woman stretching her arms out in nature.
David Pereiras/

5 Experts Weigh in on How to Transform Your Life in 2017

Start 2017 off with a bang! Five experts in food, fitness, work and more offer their best advice for making this the year you achieve your dreams.

Actress Gianna Simone

Photograph ©Benjo Arwas

Gianna Simone Fights the Good Fight

Despite a childhood scarred with abuse and neglect, model-turned-actress Gianna Simone says performing has always been in her heart. In this Q&A she opens up about the many people who have guided her on the path to authentic happiness.

People in a POUND fit class

Photograph ©Brita Potenza

Your Mind on the Move

You thought exercise was good for your body? Wait until you see what it can do for your brain.

Happy guy on a surfboard
Photograph HERO Images/Getty Images

5 Ways to Recharge Your Energy Anytime You Need It

By: Joseph Cardillo, Ph.D.

Use these natural energy boosts for a lift whenever you need one.

Dean Karnazes running an ultramarathon.
Photo courtesy of U.S. Dept. of State

Dean Karnazes Goes the Extra Mile

Endurance runner Dean Karnazes may be the ultimate marathon man.


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