February 2015

February 2015

Kids standing at a train station

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Redefining Love

By: Melissa Balmain

Connecting with others is as crucial to your wellbeing as food, sleep or exercise. Scientific studies suggest that feeling warm and fuzzy has a positive effect on your heart, brain, bodily processes, even your life span.

Scott Foley exposes his passions.

Photograph by Nino Muñoz

Scott Foley's Passion

By: Marie Speed

Scott Foley may play a sexy Washington insider on the hit TV show Scandal, but off-screen, he has an entirely different role.

Happy people in Panama


Top 10 Countries for Wellbeing

Denmark often comes out on top in worldwide happiness polls. In this Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, however, the top country is nowhere near Scandinavia.

Couple snuggling

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How Close is Your Relationship?

How much do you value your close relationships? Do you fear your partner will reject you? Are you afraid to commit? How you answer these questions can give you valuable insights into yourself and your relationships with the people closest to you.