Positive Psychology

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    Post-traumatic growth is the phenomenon of people becoming stronger and creating a more meaningful life in the wake of staggering tragedy or trauma...
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    After a challenging week at work, Saturday afternoon beckons—a stretch of free time to do with whatever you like. You want, reasonably enough, to...
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    Researchers have found that different types of happiness affect the human genome in dramatically different ways, with potentially big implications...
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The Truth Behind 3 Happiness Myths

Positive Psychology

Our long-held assumptions about what will make us happy may be dead wrong.
Discover Genius

Discover Your Genius

Positive Psychology

No matter what seemingly insurmountable barrier is in our lives, we can create a positive reality, in fact, sometimes the greatest opportunities to...
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What Is Your Healing Rhythm?

Positive Psychology

Whether your musical preference is Igor Stravinsky or Iggy Azalea, listening to your favorite artist might do more good than you realize.
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Do You Have Enough Meaning in Your Life?

Positive Psychology

No recipe for happiness is complete without meaning and purpose . In fact, when we engage in activities that serve a higher calling and help others...
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6 Key Strategies for Achieving Success

Positive Psychology

Instead of being crippled by self-doubt, learn how to recognize it and then counter it with rational thought.

The Science of Happiness

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology professor and pioneer Sonja Lyubomirsky explains "The Science of Happiness."
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Happiness 101

Positive Psychology

Reading. Writing. Happiness? A new online course offered by the Greater Good Science Center teaches the science behind happiness.
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4 Ways to Spark and Spread a Positive Mood

Positive Psychology

Need a lift. Here are four quick and easy ways to boost your mood.
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Death Becomes Us

Positive Psychology

We avoid thinking about death at all costs, but we may be doing ourselves a disservice. Contemplating the end of life could enrich life itself.
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The Promise of Positive Education

Positive Psychology

Should character strengths like grit and resilience in the classroom? Schools around the country are trying it, with positive results.