Positive Psychology

  • Ways to Spread Success and Happiness

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    In this excerpt from his latest book, Before Happiness, Shawn Achor builds on the themes from his international bestseller, The Happiness Advantage.
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    Reading. Writing. Happiness? A new online course offered by the Greater Good Science Center teaches the science behind happiness.
  • Discover Genius
    No matter what seemingly insurmountable barrier is in our lives, we can create a positive reality, in fact, sometimes the greatest opportunities to...
Don't Forget to Smile


Don't Forget to Smile [Video]

Positive Psychology

Smiles are universally human; they are built right into our DNA. Check out this charming video from happiness expert Tal Ben-Shahar and our partners...
The End of Bullying?

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The End of Bullying?

Positive Psychology

Bullying is a systemic problem in American schools, and yet the anti-bullying initiatives of the past few years have only been moderately effective...
Make Positivity a Priority

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Put Happiness on the Calendar

Positive Psychology

With so much time and research devoted to what it takes to be happy, it would seem that pursuing happiness should be easier than ever. Yet not...
IPPA conference in Florida this June
Angela Waye

Positive Psychology Experts, Adherents Gather for World Congress

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology scholars, students and practitioners will review the field's latest research and science-based applications at the Fourth World...
Does reading make us nicer?

Does Reading Fiction Make Us Nicer?

Positive Psychology

Does reading fiction make us nicer people? Some studies say it increases compassion by making us make an empathetic leap.
Sir Anthony Seldon

Character and Well-Being

Positive Psychology

The president of the International Positive Education Netowork (IPEN), Sir Anthony Seldon has a new book about happiness and new ideas for how to...
The power of passion

Passion is a powerful emotion. It can drive us to destruction, or can be a component of a healthy relationship. The choice is up to you.

The Power of Passion

Positive Psychology

From Billboard music charts to blockbuster films, popular culture perpetuates this notion that true love is an uncontrollable feeling of being “swept...

Want to Feel Happier?

Positive Psychology

Boosting your happiness is hard work. If you’re not careful, you can fall back into that negativity slump. Sharpening happiness skills takes practice...

Live Happy at the United Nations Happiness Panel

Positive Psychology

Live Happy COO and Co-Founder Deborah Heisz participated in a panel discussion of global well-being at the United Nations on March 20, the International Day of Happiness.

8 Happiness Gurus You Need to Know About

Positive Psychology

“Happiness gurus” are seemingly everywhere these days. It’s easy to forget that this figure of the sage or visionary has been around in one form or...


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