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7 Best Books to Boost Your Brain Health


These books offer groundbreaking advice on brain health that will keep you sharp, happy and creative for years to come.
9 Best Books to Spark Your Spiritual Enlightenment


The 9 Best Books to Spark Your Spiritual Enlightenment


The life-changing books on this list offer wisdom, healing, mindfulness and meaning.
Become Smarter, Faster, Better!


Become Smarter, Faster, Better!


Get more done without having to sacrifice what you care about most.
7 Books That Will Change Your Work Life


7 Books to Spark Your Career Reboot


Does your career need a reboot? These seven books offer new perspectives on the path ahead.
Top 10 Happiness Books You Don’t Want To Miss in 2016

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Top 10 Books That Will Change Your Life in 2016


Our preview of carefully selected books will help you venture outside your comfort zone and make your presence felt!
33 Ideas for Lifelong Learning


33 Ideas for Lifelong Learning


Curiosity, creativity and a love of learning are part of what make up a happy life. Here are a 33 ideas to keep your mind growing and your curiosity...
10 Life-Changing Books

10 Life-Changing Books That Will Stay With You Forever


There are books that entertain, books that inform. And then there are books that seem to speak directly to the soul—life-changing books that make you...
Brad Meltzer knows about superheroes
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The Heroes Among Us


Prolific author Brad Meltzer knows what makes a hero or superhero tick. His new series covers down-to-earth heroes such as Amelia Earhart, Albert...
Does reading make us nicer?

Does Reading Fiction Make Us Nicer?

Positive Psychology

Does reading fiction make us nicer people? Some studies say it increases compassion by making us make an empathetic leap.

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Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama to Write Book About Happiness

News & Trends

Got questions about joy? Your answer could come from spiritual leaders Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama, who will collaborate on The Book of Joy. The...



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