• Happier at Work in Just 11 Minutes

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    When was the last time you felt really energized and excited about your work? Try these 11-minute habits built to develop your strengths and you will...
  • 5 Tips to Make Work Your Happy Place

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    We can’t turn work into play, but we can uncover little tweaks and easy practices that will make your workweek a whole lot brighter.
  • The Myth of Work-Life Balance


    Work-life balance is a sham, an ideal that is nearly impossible to achieve. But if we can't have balance, we can at least set priorities and find...
  • Girl Looking at book

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    We’re going to let you in on somewhat of a productivity secret. It may seem counterintuitive at first, but it works.
Worker with feet up on her desk.

10 Tips for a Happy Friday


Looking for a happy Friday? Try these 10 science-backed tips to make the most of your favorite weekday.
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5 Experts Weigh in on How to Transform Your Life in 2017


Start 2017 off with a bang! Five experts in food, fitness, work and more offer their best advice for making this the year you achieve your dreams.
5 Ways to Commit and Make it Stick


5 Ways to Commit and Make it Stick


Shore up your commitment skills with these five important tips.
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Let Happiness Make a Positive Impact on Your Bottom Line


Employees and managers are thirsty for a more positive approach to running their organizations.
Americans Set Record High for Engagement at Work

Americans Set Record High for Engagement at Work


A new Gallup poll shows record engagement among American workers. Yet billions in revenue are still left on the table.
How to be happier at work


33 Ways to Be Happier at Work


Make work more positive and find yourself flourishing at the office and in all aspects of your life.
7 Books That Will Change Your Work Life


7 Books to Spark Your Career Reboot


Does your career need a reboot? These seven books offer new perspectives on the path ahead.
Put down your phone and be in the moment!

You’ve Changed—Now Stick to the Program!

Happiness coach Christine Carter offers the last word on how to untangle yourself from your phone and other digital distractions.

How to Survive a Workplace Bully


With so many hours spent at work, you would hope to be surrounded by friendly co-workers in a producive environment. Sadly, that is not always the...

5 Ways to Stay Engaged and Keep Email at Bay

Happiness expert Christine Carter, Ph.D., explains how to keep email from overwhelming your life.



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