90 Days to a Happier You

My Sleep Intervention: A Torturous Beginning
Read part one of Shelley Levitt’s ongoing blog series as she attempts to overcome her insomnia with the help of coach Michael Breus, Ph.D..
6 Steps to Win the War Against Worry
Anxiety expert Karen Cassiday, Ph.D., takes us on a step-by-step route to living a life less plagued by worry. Some of her techniques may surprise...
Do you want to make lasting changes in 2016? Expert coach, speaker and author Caroline Miller walks us through each step necessary to make short- and...
6 Steps to Unplug From Work
Best-selling author and happiness expert Christine Carter walks us through the steps necessary to wean off our unhealthy addiction to work email in...
6 Steps to Better Sleep
Nationally known as "The Sleep Doctor," Michael Breus, Ph.D., spells out in detail the steps necessary to get back on track to a good night's sleep.
6 Steps to Healthier, More Productive Conversations
Talking to a parent, a child or a sibling can be frustrating at times. Communication expert Michele Gravelle takes us step-by-step through how to...
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Join Live Happy contributing editor Susan Kane in this ongoing series as she experiences three months of expert coaching to improve communication...
Kim Baker: No Worries
Join Live Happy art director Kim Baker as she strives to win the war against worry as part of our series "90 Days to a Happier You."
Woman holding a tablet
Join Live Happy managing editor Donna Stokes as she attempts to curb her addiction to work email as part of our series "90 Days to a Happier You."
Goals ... What Goals?
Join Live Happy editor Chris Libby in his ongoing blog series as he attempts to shed his "go with the flow" attitude and sets some goals with the...


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