Happiness in Motion

Fun at the Hallmark headquarters
All work and no play? Not at this fun, happy workplace. Find out how one group brings joy and community into the office.
Avoid burnout at work.
The result of our work culture of non-stop busyness? Burnout. Here are an expert's recommendations for maintaining well-being at work and avoiding...
Father and son walking on the beach.
Our wellness expert, physician Clarence Lee, Jr., explains why Father's Day is especially meaningful to him.
Family at Laguna Beach
The skies were crystal blue, as was the surf, and bubbles the size of lily pads floated over the sand, launched from a nearby bath and body shop. Yes...
A bunch of friends hanging out.
Maintaining close friendships and positive relationships is a cornerstone of our well-being.
coffee and a note
Happy acts are not always about smiles and sunshine; sometimes they are about alleviating suffering the best as you can. Parental duty calls After...
Noodle stand in Bangkok, Thailand
Biochemist-turned-Buddhist-monk Matthieu Ricard in his TED Talk “The Habits of Happiness” says, “It seems that no one wakes up in the morning...
Woman who is saying sorry
Apologizing doesn't always come naturally. But if you put some thought and some heart into it, a true apology can mend broken connections and heal...
Small house
In Texas, where everything bigger is better, downsizing is considered a radical move.
Couple in a fight
Strangely enough, I became an expert researcher and teacher on forgiveness because I was miserable. I was bitter and unhappy, and even my wife was...


About Happiness in Motion

What happens when happiness is put into motion? More than you can imagine. Learn why the Live Happy Movement has such a tremendous impact in the lives of others, Hear personal stories of how people have put happiness into practice in their own lives, and the ripple effect that it creates. Learn what you can do to share happiness wherever you go. Pull up a chair, relax and be prepared to stay awhile because you’re going to love it here.

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