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Editor in Chief Karol DeWulf Nickell
It was a simple question: “How many of you consider yourself to be creative?” Without pause I raised my hand. When I realized I was the only one in...

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Editor in chief Karol DeWulf Nickell explores the importance of community, whether it be in the office or in our own neighborhoods.
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Parenting is joyful, fun and hard work, too. Let's give lots of appreciation—and hugs—to our moms and dads in May and June. I've always admired good...
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Move over, Earth Day. There’s another globally important holiday on the horizon: International Day of Happiness . Designated by the United Nations,...
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Karol DeWulf Nickell meets new people as the editor of Live Happy magazine.
Positivity, like good weather, is widely appealing. But putting it into action is hard to do—like predicting good weather.
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We’re celebrating at Live Happy! Our premiere issue is out on newsstands across the country!
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Live Happy Editor-in-Chief reports on the Positive Education Summit held in the UK during the month of October.
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Welcome to Live Happy. We’re a new magazine, website and resource about a timeless quest: Living a happy life.

From the Editor

Karol DeWulf Nickell, Editor-in-Chief of Live Happy magazine will be blogging about what is happening behind the scenes here at Live Happy. She'll let you in on new stories and fun details that might not make it into print.

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