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Woman with morning coffee.
A and I Kruk/
Living with intention means having a guiding purpose, and making decisions based on that purpose.
CFO for the Day at KIND Snacks

9-year-old Alex Múnoz.

Nine-year-old Alex Múnoz wrote a letter to the CEO of KIND Snacks--and got something unexpected in return.
Woman doing triangle pose in yoga.


Tap into your inner yogi with this simple, energizing pose.
Drawing Cyndi Lauper

Illustrations © Susy Pilgrim Waters

Illustrator Susy Pilgrim Waters shares her creative process.
Happiness Makeover Contest Winners!

Gustavo Frazao/

Meet the two winners of our Happiness Makeover contest.
Adorable twins on the couch

Riley and Sydney

Raising twins is one of the toughest—and most rewarding—jobs a mother could ask for. (Even if she never exactly asked for it...)
Happiness Wall
Come to one of our Happiness Walls and join in on the celebration!
Walking the Talk: My Day of Happiness


See what happens when Live Happy editor at large Shelley Levitt sets out follow every piece of advice from her article, "Happiness Around the Clock."

Photograph by Edmund Barr

Each year Live Happy celebrates International Day of Happiness with its #HappyActs campaign to drive positive change and spread serious cheer around...
Half Marathon Goes a Long Way Toward Lasting Change

Photo courtesy Getty Images.

Live Happy Co-founder and Editorial Director Deborah K. Heisz discusses her decision to run a half marathon as part of a commitment to lasting change...


From the Team

The Live Happy team will be taking turns blogging about a little bit of everything. Things that make us happy. Happenings in and around the office and items we find in our research along the way. We may talk about our personal growth with the materials we are learning, writing and studying. Or we may just share something that had us laughing in the office. Join us!

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