From the Live Happy Team

Behind the Scenes with Jillian Michaels

Photograph of Jillian and editor at large Shelley Levitt by Jeff Lipsky

At the photo shoot for our February magazine cover, Live Happy editor at large Shelley Levitt gets to know the real Jillian Michaels—and she is...
Leaders Make Moves Toward Mindfulness


Business and government leaders gathered recently for the Mindful Leadership Summit to focus on the latest mindfulness practices and how they can be...
Behind the Scenes With Anthony Anderson

Photograph © Marten De Boer

For our fabulous October cover shoot, Live Happy editor at large Shelley Levitt got a taste of what it’s like to hang out with "black-ish" star and...
Stacy Kaiser on the Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee





Live Happy Editor-at-large Stacy Kaiser appeared on the Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee as an expert on happiness and changing careers.
Blissed Out With Alanis

Photograph by Jeff Lipsky

Live Happy Art Director Kim Baker describes the thrill of getting to meet one of her longtime idols, Alanis Morissette—after decades of being...
Adam Shell, Nick Kraft and friends on the road in America
Nearly three and a half years ago, documentary filmmaker Adam Shell sent a mass email to the 500 or so people in his address book with the subject...
Paula and Marcy: Best Friends for Life
Nothing can replace the shared experiences and true love of a best friend for life. If you are lucky enough to have one, hold on and don't let go!
Illuminate Film Festival
Now in its second year, the Illuminate Film Festival held in Sedona, Arizona sets out to explore the conscious mind through the cinematic eye...
Kym Yancey's childhood baseball team
When Live Happy CEO was a kid in Ohio, his first experience of real leadership came in the form of an ace hitter on his Little League team: Stan the...
Good Morning America loves Live Happy
Today, Good Morning America and Live Happy joined together to spread joy and positivity around the world.


From the Team

The Live Happy team will be taking turns blogging about a little bit of everything. Things that make us happy. Happenings in and around the office and items we find in our research along the way. We may talk about our personal growth with the materials we are learning, writing and studying. Or we may just share something that had us laughing in the office. Join us!

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