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Sometimes life throws you a curveball.

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Live Happy CEO Kym Yancey went out in search of a childhood friend who had inspired him. He was not prepared for what he found.
Does sugar make us happier?


Just a spoonful of sugar helps our stress levels go down. Unfortunately, that's why people under stress may get hooked on the sweetener and suffer...
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he United Nations’ World Happiness Report was released today, along with its index of countries in the world, ranked from happiest to least happy...
World Happiness Report
With the release of the third edition of the World Happiness Report today, experts in areas including economics, psychology and survey analysis...
Map of the world.
When the first World Happiness Report was released on April 1, 2012, it became the first report to provide a global look at happiness and well-being...
Choosing to be happy means working consistently toward a goal. Are you ready to make the commitment?
Jonathan Groff

Jonathan Groff at the Happiness Wall. Photograph by Cindy Baldhoff.

Cold weather and wet snow couldn’t dampen spirits on the International Day of Happiness in New York City. Beginning with an early-morning showing at...
Castle Hills Elementary school kids spelling out "happy"

Students at Castle Hills Elementary spell out the word "Happy."

The cold and rainy weather didn't stop the festivities at Castle Hills Elementary School in Lewisville, Texas today, as nearly 800 jubilant students...
Happiness panel at the United Nations

A panel of happiness experts convened at the United Nations today to discuss the global movement toward happiness and well-being.

Live Happy joined other experts on the study of happiness at the United Nations to discuss “The Paradox of Income and Happiness.”
Happy mom and daughter

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Help us make the world a happier place by committing Happy Acts.


From the Team

The Live Happy team will be taking turns blogging about a little bit of everything. Things that make us happy. Happenings in and around the office and items we find in our research along the way. We may talk about our personal growth with the materials we are learning, writing and studying. Or we may just share something that had us laughing in the office. Join us!

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