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People celebrating International Day of Happiness
When the third annual International Day of Happiness kicks off on March 20, countries around the globe will celebrate it in a variety of ways. A...
Fort Worth Blue Zones kickoff party

Bella Reale performs the splits during a performance at the Blue Zones Project, Fort Worth Kick-Off event on Feb. 21, 2015.
Photo below: Blue Zones, LLC founder Dan Buettner and Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price at the Kick-Off Event.

The city affectionately known as “cowtown” may be looking for a new nickname after last weekend’s kickoff to the Blue Zone s initiative, an effort to...
After you’ve lit your candles, cracked open the box of Russell Stovers and popped the cork on that bottle of wine, you press play on the stereo and...
Passionate drummer

Nicole Paton/

I remember the first time I saw a live band perform; I was 8 years old and I was mesmerized. I couldn’t take my eyes off the drummer. To me it,...
Flight attendant for the Snowball Express
Recently, Live Happy had the opportunity to be a small part of a great cause—working with Snowball Express to restore some of the magic to children...
Man reading a book in the grass

Monika Wilsniewska/

For those passionate about psychology, education and innovation, we present IPEN's list of the best books of 2014.
Woman serving wine

Minerva Studio/

On a cold night in Sacramento, an unexpected moment of hospitality and connection.
Live Happy wins Best New Publication Design
Live Happy wins the min 2014 Editorial & Design Award for Best New Publication Design.
guy chilling on the couch
Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day is here! Get out there and enjoy it.

Kym Yancey, Senia Maymin, Deborah Heisz and Jeff Olson at the Happiness Hall of Fame

Deborah Heisz, COO of Live Happy, and I were thrilled to attend the Happiness Hall of Fame event last weekend. Our own Jeff Olson, founder of Live...


From the Team

The Live Happy team will be taking turns blogging about a little bit of everything. Things that make us happy. Happenings in and around the office and items we find in our research along the way. We may talk about our personal growth with the materials we are learning, writing and studying. Or we may just share something that had us laughing in the office. Join us!

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