Positive Business

Putting your money where your mind is We all feel happy when our investments make money. More money enables us to do things that give us joy, like...
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Feeling valued is a basic human need. Throwing more money at people isn’t going to make them feel more appreciated.
Video featuring three things you’ll want to pay attention to when you’re hiring.
Here is a simple technique you can use with your colleagues or direct reports: Basically, those managers who give high levels of FRE (Frequent...
Positive psychology is the study of what constitutes excellence in individuals, communities and workplaces.
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The Achoo! Effect—emotions are contagious. Are you spreading cheer or fear?

About Positive Business

Margaret Greenberg and Senia Maymin are both executive coaches who specialize in boosting individual and team performance using tools from the new science of positive psychology. Learn how to become a 'positive deviant' like the dozens of companies and hundreds of business leaders who have successfully implemented the research-backed and tested advice in Profit from the Positivenow a number one self-help book on Amazon.com.