Spend some time doing things for those that need help. Volunteer in your community to help others or donate to a charity that is close to your heart!


Ask! Don't be nervous. Invite someone new into your day.


Make someone smile today. Leave a little note where a little person can find it. Spread joy and happiness every day.


Take a break from social media. Maybe even from all technology! Enjoy the day. Spend time face-to-face. Relax!


Thank someone today! The person that drops you off at school, someone who does something kind, or a hard-worker you see while you go about your day. Look around and say thanks.


Take a look around you and help clean up! Your house, your campus or somewhere in your community. Make the world not just happier but cleaner and brighter.


 Make someone laugh today! We'd love to see a funny TikTok (tag us @LiveHappyNow) or Instagram reel (tag us @MyLiveHappy).  Or just do a skit for your friends and family! Laughter is the best medicine.

International Day of Happiness

Celebrate today with a Happiness wall or simply do more #HappyActs! Let's make the world a happier place.


Today's Happy Act is so simple! Hold the door for someone. Spread kindness cause you never know where it will go.


You never know when the smallest thing could be so important. Keep bottles of water in your car to pass out to those in need.