Today's Happy Act is so simple! Hold the door for someone. Spread kindness cause you never know where it will go.


You never know when the smallest thing could be so important. Keep bottles of water in your car to pass out to those in need.


Help our furry friends. Take some items to the animal shelter and stay to help them out! Petting animals can boost your mood.


Try a new recipe today! Dig through a cookbook you already have or do a bit of googling. Eat healthy today and learn something new! Share with a friend.


Reduce your carbon footprint. Take the bus, ride your bike or walk to the store!

Spread Joy

Do something small for someone. Buy the cashier at your local store candy from the checkout. Give flowers to your elderly neighbor. Pass our water to those in need.


Spend some quality time with something you care about today. Plan an errand date with a friend. Knock on your neighbors door. Play a board game with your kid. Connect and spend time together!


Give a gift. Leave a note and a small gift (snacks!) for a delivery driver today! You know they come to your home a lot.


Express gratitude today. Thank a healthcare worker. They do more than we know. And they are tired.


Have a little fun today. Change things up! Text someone a positive note and use a new emoji. It's the sixth love language!