Shelley Levitt

Shelley Levitt

Shelley Levitt is a Los Angeles-based editor at large for Live Happy. A former editor at People and Self magazines, she’s written about health, wellness, food and travel, as well as dozens of celebrity profiles, for many national publications including Glamour, Women’s Health, More, Fitness, WebMD, Weight Watchers and Success.

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Quote about Intention
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The Best of Intentions

Tap into your deepest values and beliefs to find your direction in life.
International Day of Happiness in Renton, WA

Celebrating the International Day of Happiness in Renton, WA on March 19, 2016.

Happy Days Are Here

Lively celebrations for the International Day of Happiness sprang up around the world this year!
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8 Steps to a Happier Home

Small changes to your environment can make a big impact.
Behind the Scenes With Anthony Anderson
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Build a Capsule Wardrobe and Simplify Your Life

A minimalist clothing selection takes the stress out of getting dressed.
More tips on tidying up from decluttering expert Marie Kondo

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Marie Kondo's New De-cluttering Book Sparks Joy

More tips on everything from folding lingerie in neatly formed cones to ridding yourself of haunting mementos.
Two young people planning their lives.

How to Build Your Best Life

A process called design thinking could transform the way you act, think and live.
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3 Habits to Boost Resilience

Two new books show how trauma can bring out our greatest strengths.

The Holiday Celebration I'll Never Forget

Sometimes the best memories are made when things don't go as planned.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Favorite Dinner Party Recipe

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Go-To Dinner Party Recipe

This healthy one-dish meal will please your friends and impress your [modern] family.

Gene therapy

Purpose-driven happiness can boost the health of your immune cells
Many post-its on a steering wheel.
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Ditch These 5 Habits to Find Happiness

Shed negative attitudes to bring more joy into your life.
90 Days to a Happier You

Illustrations by John Coulter

90 Days to a Happier You

Make 2016 a year of bigger dreams, better sleep, stronger relationships and less stress!
Harry Connick Jr.

Harry Connick Jr. Has Heart and Soul

This multitalented artist finds joy in the fundamentals: giving back, family, good habits and following his passion.
A stack of crumbling cookies


Can Mindfulness Work on Your Waistline?

A new book on mindful eating will make you rethink your relationship with food.
A man sits relaxing on a peer by a lake.

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The New Pursuit of Happiness

Meaning and service are essential elements of the well-lived life.
People celebrating International Day of Happiness
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The International Day of Happiness 2017

Why it matters and how to get involved.
My Sleep Intervention: A Torturous Beginning
Edith Eva Eger

Photo by Jordan Engle

Choosing Hope: The Life of Edith Eva Eger

No matter your life story, you can be joyous and free, says a 91-year-old psychologist and Auschwitz survivor.
Two adorable dogs up for adoption.
Shane Lopez holding a bunch of red balloons

Photography by King Au. © Live Happy LLC

The Hope Monger

If you really want to make your dreams come true, you need to harness hope.
Jim Gaffigan buried in toys
Photographs by Mary Ellen Matthews

Jim Gaffigan Plays Life for Laughs

The comedian and five-time father spreads joy from the stand-up stage.
The Gift That Changed My Life

Illustrations by Susy Pilgrim Waters

The Gift That Changed My Life

Some presents offer more than fleeting pleasure—they transform who we are.
Maya Rudolph TV show

Photographs ©Holly Andres and Ramona Rosales

Maya Rudolph Takes Charge

The actress and comedian opens up about SNL, Martin Short, and how she found happiness on the set of 'Bridesmaids.'
Family at Laguna Beach
Cute kida celebrating International Day of Happiness

Oh Happy Day

Visitors to Live Happy Walls around the world share acts and thoughts of kindness.
Sweet Dreams Return!
Coxless Crew Rowing the Pacific

Photograph ©Natalia Cohen

Rowing the Pacific

Six women test their mettle as they row across the Pacific Ocean—breaking records and preconceptions along the way.
The Life-Changing Power of Cleaning Out Your Closet
Woman shopping online.

How to Buy Happiness for Less Than $25

9 simple purchases that will change your life.
Woman cutting veggies
Alex's Lemondade Stand

Alex's Lemonade Stand

Non-profit inspired by young girl raises millions to fight childhood cancer.
KIND founder Daniel Lubetsky

Cool to be KIND

Daniel Lubetzky, Founder of KIND Snacks, on How to Find Purpose and Happiness at Work
Woman with morning coffee.
And to All, a Good Night
Group of friends sharing a meal.

Cohousing Communities Are Built for Connection

New take on sustainable housing offers a way for people to live and thrive.
What's your happy place?

What’s Your Happy Place?

Finding joy and meaning in a chaotic world.
Garcelle Beauvais

Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Garcelle, With Grace and Gratitude

After personal struggles, the actress and mom embraces her many roles.
Happiness Around the Clock

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Happiness Around the Clock

With small actions throughout the day, you can create a tick-tock of contentment.
Very happy, beautiful woman
Max Kegfire/

Srikumar Rao Wants You to Feel Radiantly Alive

The transformational teacher lays out his 3 steps to a happier you.
3 Expert-Tested Tips for Tackling Anxiety


3 Expert-Tested Tips for Tackling Anxiety

Beat back your fears with these 3 common-sense strategies.
Woman working in the fields in Okinawa

Photograph by ©Takashi Owaki

Ikigai: The Secret to a Long and Happy Life

New book explores habits of Japan’s longest-living people.
Write Your Way to Insight, Action and Happiness
Woman eating spoonful of yogurt.

Can Fermented Food Elevate Your Mood?

The new science of 'psychobiotics' shows a happier gut means a happier you.

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