Yarn bombing—Random Acts of Beauty [Video]

A can of spray paint can color a wall, leaving a lasting impression. We can admire the artist’s choices; the blues and yellows and reds telling a story that winds around the canvas, a canvas made from brick, steel and concrete. Street artists tell a story for the unspoken, and leave beauty in their wake for all to see and enjoy.

However, there's more to street art than those who speak with liquid palettes, and a new wave of beauty is being expressed by replacing a can of paint with two slender bits of metal. With two needles and a collection of yarn we've begun to watch the spread of color in warm coats for trees and statues. And, fences and trees wind up in the embrace of the artists.

Without the permanent effects of paint, the art of the "yarn bomber" fills a different role in the world of street art. In the words of yarn bomber Ping Pong Pattie yarn bombing is “Momma's embrace meets urban blight.”

In this TEDx talk Pattie talks about the movement and how she, and others like her, create this unique form of art. For more of her work be sure to check out her Facebook page

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your favorite statue, next thing you know he could be wearing a new sweater for winter.

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