• Actress Gianna Simone

    Photograph ©Benjo Arwas

    Despite a childhood scarred with abuse and neglect, model-turned-actress Gianna Simone says performing has always been in her heart. In this Q&A...
Hector and the Search for Happiness

Photo Credit: Ed Araquel © 2014 Egoli Tossell Film/ Co-Produktionsgesellschaft ""Hector 1"" GmbH & Co. KG/ Happiness Productions Inc./ Wild Bunch Germany/ Construction Film"on Film"

Hollywood Takes on the Pursuit of Happiness


In a new film by director Peter Chisholm, a psychiatrist named Hector embarks on an epic search for true happiness.
Eric Hutchinson saves up on happiness

Photograph © JUCO

Note to Self


Eric Hutchinson's songs make people happy, and making people happy makes him happy—so, everybody's happy.

Eric Hutchinson: Tell the World


Eric Hutchinson shows his signature style in this video of "Tell the World."
Woman eating popcorn and watching a movie

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6 Best Break-Up Movies of All Time


Breaking up is a bummer, but the movies on this list will pull you out of your funk.
The Iron Throne

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Why Audiences Love Game of Thrones


What makes us care about the tribulations in Westeros? Perhaps it has something to do with just how grim life is there, and how deeply ambivalent the...

Behind the Scenes at Live Happy Cover Shoot


Take a look behind the scenes at our cover shoot of actor Chris O'Donnel in the Hollywood Hills

Are We Having Fun Yet?


Disneyland may be the "happiest place on earth," but it wasn't the first locale to promise nonstop entertainment.
Happy christmas couple wearing santa's hats and holding a remote control


Recapture the Holiday Spirit


A list of 9 great films that are sure to help you meet the challenge of recapturing joy and love this holiday season.

Ron Howard's RUSH [VIDEO]


Rush portrays the exhilarating true story of two of the greatest rivals the world has ever witnessed—handsome English playboy Hunt and his methodical, brilliant opponent, Lauda.

happythankyoumoreplease [Video]


Josh Radnor has said that he believes by the end of a movie there should be some evidence that we’re not doomed creatures.


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