Written by : April Hardwick

Get In Your Zen Zone With These Peaceful Products

Get in your zen zone with these unique gifts and products for the home and on the go.

Woman with calming lamp

Take time to relax and renew at home or at work.

1. Platinum heart-shaped swirls dance across the porcelain “Love Story” tea server, $99.99; tea cup, $10.99; and Monogram M Mug ($14.99, Mikasa.com).
Platinum Mikasa China
2. Enjoy a soothing blend of lemon verbena, lemongrass and spearmint in Chamomile Medley, $14, and Valerian Dream containing botanicals that have been used for centuries as a natural sleep aid ($16, rishi-tea.com).
Rishi Tea
3. Improve your posture while relaxing on the Variable Balans Chair ($399, varierchairs.com).
Balance posture chair
4. Customize lighting via a smart device with Philips Hue White Ambiance Wellness dimmable LED smart table lamp ($79.20, amazon.com).
Phillips Light
5. Wind down with Therapie Roques Oneil’s Inner Light Sleep Drops, $64, and Calm Balm ($54, shen-beauty.com).
Calm Balm
6. Snuggle up with the Cutesy Corgi Roll Pillow, $19.99 (thinkgeek.com).
Corgi Pillow
7. Relax and reduce puffiness with the Gaiam lavender scented Eye Pillow, $14.98, and Relax Cooling Eye Mask ($12.98, gaiam.com).
Eye mask and pillow
8. Travel near and far with the iZBT5 portable light and sound therapy device that prepares your body and mind for sleep ($79.99, ihomeaudio.com).
Home audio system
9. Move while you work, increasing energy and heart rate while using The Level; it’s made in the USA of natural maple and die-cast aluminum ($339, fluidstance.com).
Level board
10. Yogi or not, you will love the 198 Block (it takes 198 recycled wine corks to make one), which is as practical as it is sustainable ($20, recork.org). Harmony Mat contains no synthetic rubber and is made in the United States, plus Jade plants a tree for every mat sold ($74.95, jadeyoga.com).
Yoga mat and block
11. Move and groove better in your workout after using the Grid Foam Roller ($39.99, Tptherapy.com).
Foam roller
12. A bright pop of color combined with foam molded construction equals a great workout. We love the new Fresh Foam Crush by New Balance ($99.95, newbalance.com).
New Balance shoes

April Hardwick is the design editor for Live Happy magazine.


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