• Tao Porchon-Lynch still practicing Yoga at 99

    Photograph by Jennifer S. Altman/Getty Images

    At 99, this yoga master proves that age is just a number.
  • Woman getting her face painted.
    Woman having her face painted at Soul Camp.
    Sleep-away camps for adults provide the opportunity to leave civilization and return to the games, rituals and intense bonding of childhood summer...
  • Couple in a taxi in Manhattan
    Staycations offer the same mood-boosting benefits of faraway travel without the cost, long security lines or jet lag.
Countryside landscape and water buffalos in Yangsho, China

Giancarlo Liguori/

3 Lessons from Traveling That Lead to Happiness


Ehren Prudhel traveled in the land of Buddhas, bikes and chopsticks, and learned 3 lessons that helped him find happiness and fulfillment.

happythankyoumoreplease [Video]


Josh Radnor has said that he believes by the end of a movie there should be some evidence that we’re not doomed creatures.
Two People Mountain Biking

Warren Goldswain/

For a Good Mood, Get Outdoors


People who exercise outdoors for just five minutes improved their mood and reduced their stress.
Family sitting at table and praying.


Give Thanks


Saying a blessing before meals is part of many religious faiths and may have been the motivation for prehistoric cave paintings, scientists say.

Why Cooking Makes Me Happy


It’s not just the eating. It’s the decision making. It’s the prep. It’s the doing, the chopping, the slicing. It’s the aroma. And then, finally, it’s...


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