• Josh Radnor holding picture of himself.

    Christopher Beyer/Contour/Getty Images

    Josh Radnor, best known for his role as Ted on How I Met Your Mother, on optimism and the other things that really matter in life.
  • Tao Porchon-Lynch still practicing Yoga at 99

    Photograph by Jennifer S. Altman/Getty Images

    At 99, this yoga master proves that age is just a number.
  • Woman getting her face painted.
    Woman having her face painted at Soul Camp.
    Sleep-away camps for adults provide the opportunity to leave civilization and return to the games, rituals and intense bonding of childhood summer...
Woman with calming lamp

Get In Your Zen Zone With These Peaceful Products


Get in your zen zone with these unique gifts and products for the home and on the go.
Jack Wagner and co-star in Wedding March 3
Jack Wagner and costar in Hallmark's Wedding March 3.

Romantic TV Movie Stars Share Valentine Advice


We caught up with some of the stars of Hallmark Channel’s My Secret Valentine, and Wedding March 3: Here Comes the Bride (premiering Feb. 17) to find...
Laila Ali

Photograph courtesy ©Laila Ali

Laila Ali: The People's Champ


She’s got the pedigree of a born champion, her own résumé of in-ring excellence and the natural charisma of a superstar.
Reba McEntire
Photographs courtesy of Reba's Business, Inc./Cameron Powell

Reba McEntire Has a New Song in Her Heart


“People who I wouldn’t expect to listen to my music stop me, grab me by the arm and say, ‘This is the best album you’ve ever released!’”
Allison Janney
Photography by Kate Romero

Allison Janney Savors the Simple Things


Allison Janney, who stars in the new movie about Tonya Harding, takes time out from working to talk about her relaxation routines.
Vegan Holiday Meal

7 Essential Tips to Survive Holiday Meals as a Vegan


Being a vegan during the holidays is challenging. Follow these tips to manage the minefield of cocktail and dinner parties during this festive season.
Two women baking together
Photograph by Rusty Hill

The Best Holiday Pies Come From Family


The best holiday pies don't come from a supermarket or fancy bakery--they often come from heirloom recipes from our own mothers, aunts and grandmas.
Halloween Goodies
AS Food Studio/

6 Ways to Connect with Your Community on Halloween


This year, use Halloween as an opportunity to increase the sense of community in your neighborhood and spread some happiness and joy.
December 2017 Issue of Live Happy Magazine

Live Happy’s New Holiday Issue Is Packed With Bright Ideas


Find the perfect gift that gives back, read about Reba's new albums and make gratitude a hallmark of your holidays when you pick up the latest issue...
Anchorman Craig Melvin

News anchor Craig Melvin; photo courtesy ©NBC.

How Craig Melvin Stays Positive in a Negative News World


National news anchor Craig Melvin shares his tips for finding joy and laughter--even when negativity dominates the news.


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