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We’re celebrating at Live Happy! Our premiere issue is out on newsstands across the country!
Happy children in front of a chalkboard.
Live Happy Editor-in-Chief reports on the Positive Education Summit held in the UK during the month of October.
Young businessman relaxing at his desk in the middle of a green meadow.
I fell backward into happiness. I was studying Christian and Buddhist ethics at Harvard Divinity School, looking at how people’s beliefs changed the...
Pursuing Happiness Documentary
Nicholas Kraft, one of the filmmakers behind the movie Pursuing Happiness, shares the origin story of this in-production documentary.
Happy Reach Map
We here at Live Happy believe that we are all at the forefront of something great. We call it the happiness movement and we encourage you to join.
Woman sneezing at work while coworker looks at her.
The Achoo! Effect—emotions are contagious. Are you spreading cheer or fear?
Woman looking thoughtful against green background
Michelle McQuaid discusses the concept of "flourish" and how it has impacted her life.
Woman holding paper with happy face.
Happiness follows a different path for each of us. We are individuals and our happiness-print is as individual as our fingerprints.
Two people sitting on a bench
Shawn Achor's advice that can help those not only with a chronic disease such as MS, but everyone, in achieving a more empowered existence.
Karol Nickell with friends in her backyard
Welcome to Live Happy. We’re a new magazine, website and resource about a timeless quest: Living a happy life.


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