Live Happy Art Director Kim Baker reflects on her 90-Day Challenge and how it has changed the way she deals with worry.
Woman holding a tablet.

Managing Editor Donna Stokes; photograph by Sonny Baker.

Live Happy Managing Editor Donna Stokes downloads what she's learned after 90 days of digital detox.
The Final Countdown

Section Editor Chris Libby

Live Happy editor Chris Libby set out to achieve some goals or else go home. Which do you think he'll do?
Use these communication tools to build and grow relationships both at work and at home.
Worry and anxiety expert Karen Cassiday, Ph.D., provides a wrap-up of the tools and practices necessary to keep worry at bay.
How do you ensure that you stay focused, motivated and optimistic? Set the scene for success.
Woman holding two tablets

Photograph by Sonny Baker

Do you need a digital detox? Our managing editor Donna Stokes offers useful tips for escaping email addiction.
Happiness expert Christine Carter, Ph.D., explains how to keep email from overwhelming your life.
Woman cutting veggies

Natasha Breen/

Cooking is an active, working meditation. If you’re taking shortcuts in the kitchen, you’re probably taking shortcuts in other parts of your life,...


This year, movies projected a lot more than costumes and cleavage. They showed examples of character strengths that we can emulate.


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