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Each year Live Happy celebrates International Day of Happiness with its #HappyActs campaign to drive positive change and spread serious cheer around...
Anyone can set a goal. But sticking to a goal takes grit, or just stubbormness.
Sweet Dreams Return!
Follow Live Happy editor at large Shelley Levitt in her quest to overcome chronic insomnia with the help of an expert coach.
Join contributing editor Susan Kane as she blogs about her journey to improve communication with her teenage daughter Coco.
Are you too busy to stop worrying? Do you stress about every detail? You need to read this.
Anxiety expert Karen Cassiday, Ph.D. addresses the most common issues that come up in the middle of a worry detox.
Are you having trouble following a strict sleep schedule or sleeping through the night? Renowned expert Dr. Michael Breus is here to answer your...
Read the second blog by communication expert Michele Gravelle as she explains how to take stop blaming and start having healthier conversations—...
Happier at Work in Just 11 Minutes

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When was the last time you felt really energized and excited about your work? Try these 11-minute habits built to develop your strengths and you will...
Happiness expert Caroline Miller explains how to stick to your goals once you’ve committed to them.


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