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Live Happy Now Episodes – Season 2

The Happy Traveler with Jaime Kurtz – Listen Now!
June 20, 2017
Summertime brings summer travel and sometimes the summer blues. Try these tips to make all your travels happy travels.
The Dog's Guide to Your Happiness with Garry McDaniel – Listen Now!
June 13, 2017
Between the wet noses and the wagging tails, our four-legged companions have a lot to teach us about happiness. We look at the top 7 things we can learn about happiness from dogs.
Getting Grit with Caroline Miller – Listen Now!
June 6, 2017
Grit is the stubborn refusal to quit and persevere. Learn how you can cultivate grit within your life to help you become more successful with author Caroline Miller. 
Finding Awe in Every Moment with Lani Shiota – Listen Now!
May 30, 2017
Long ignored by science, this powerful emotion proves to have benefits for the mind, body and spirit. Lani Shiota explains how to tap into awe and why it has become such a powerful emotion.
Fun Facts in the July Issue of Live Happy magazine – Listen Now!
May 23, 2017
Explore some of the fun facts that are shared in the July 2017 issue of Live Happy magazine. Including how you can slow down time by doing things that leave you awe-struck, cities with more public grass are happier and healthier and the 5 characteristics that the most long-lived cultures seem to share.
No Time Like the Present with Jack Kornfield – Listen Now!
May 16, 2017
There is one simple rule to live by: focus on the now to live a more fulfilling life. Meditation teacher Jack Kornfield shares why there is no time like the present. 
A Journey in Space with Mike Massimino – Listen Now!
May 9,  2017
Happiness is truly out of this world. Former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino shares his inspiring story of how he became an astronaut and what it felt like looking back at Earth for the very first time. 
How to Banish Negative Thoughts with Ora Nadrich – Listen Now!
May 2, 2017
We think around 60-70,000 thoughts a day, and sadly, it’s the negative ones we tend to hear the loudest. Ora Nadrich joins the podcast to share 7 key questions you can ask to challenge negative thinking.
Nerd Fitness with Steve Kamb – Listen Now!
April 25, 2017
Steve Kamb is the author of Level Up Your Life: How to Unlock Adventure and Happiness by Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story. He’s also the creator of Nerd Fitness, a worldwide community of regular people looking to live better lives.
Discovering Your Hidden Potential with Barbara Oakley – Listen Now!
April 18, 2017
Learn how you can overcome stereotypes and preconceived ideas about what is possible with author and professor Barbara Oakley.
The Healthy Workplace with Leigh Stringer – Listen Now!
April 11, 2017
Discover tips to make your workplace a happier, healthier place with Senior Workplace Expert for EYP Architecture & Engineering Leigh Stringer.
The Future of Happiness with Amy Blankson – Listen Now!
April 4, 2017
Wire your world for greater productivity and well-being with the use of technology. Amy Blankson joins us on this week’s episode to discuss her new book The Future of Happiness.
Inspiring Children Through Music with Laurie Berkner – Listen Now!
March 28, 2017
A child who sings is a happy child! Award-winning children’s recording artist Laurie Berkner joins this week's episode to discuss the benefits of inspiring children through music. 
The Power of Disciplined Creativity with Erik Wahl – Listen Now!
March 22, 2017
Carpe diem or diem carpe? We discuss why letting the day seize you is more beneficial to your overall happiness and creativity in this episode with internationally recognized artist and author Erik Wahl.
Eyes Wide Open with Isaac Lidsky – Listen Now!
March 14, 2017
Author and entrepreneur Isaac Lidsky shares why he believes that in many ways we are our own creators of the realities we live in.
The Happiest Time of Year – New Issue Preview – Listen Now!
March 7, 2017
Dive into the newest issue of Live Happy magazine and hear a preview of some of the articles including cover story Queen Latifah. 
Bringing Laughter Back with Yakov Smirnoff – Listen Now!
February 28, 2017
Soviet-born American comedian Yakov Smirnoff shares why laughter is essential to your well-being and shares some of his well-known humor on this episode of Live Happy Now.
How to Declutter with Digital Spring Cleaning with Amy Blankson – Listen Now!
February 21, 2017
In our techno-filled world spring cleaning isn't just for your closet anymore. We talk with Amy Blankson on how you can go through a digital spring cleanse this season.
A Dog's Purpose with Bruce Cameron – Listen Now!
February 14, 2017
Hear the amazing story from conception to launch of New York Times best-seller A Dog's Purpose by Bruce Cameron.

Mindfulness is Pure Awareness with Jon Kabat-Zinn – Listen Now!
February 7, 2017
Mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn explores the importance of meditation and how it can positively impact the world along with some tips on how to get started.
Teaching Your Kids Gratitude with Giacomo Bono – Listen Now!
January 31, 2017
We all have an important gift to give the world and gratitude is a simple way of showing others that they matter. We talk with Giacomo Bono about how to teach our children the practice of gratitude.
5 Steps to a More Confident You with Carin Rockind – Listen Now!
January 24, 2017
We are all born confident but through life’s ups and downs our confidence can start to give way to self doubt. Carin Rockind shares 5 steps you can take to build your confidence once again.
Supercharge Your Life with Deborah Heisz – Listen Now!
January 17, 2017
We explore the February 2017 issue of Live Happy magazine with Live Happy CEO and Editorial Director Deborah Heisz.
Agent of Positivity with Ming-Na Wen – Listen Now!
January 10, 2017
Actress Ming-Na Wen, star of ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., has become a role model at age 53, with a new book in the works and a burgeoning brand, #Wenever. Learn how this age-defying, butt-kicking superhero manages it all.
How to Create the Perfect Exercise Playlist with Paula Felps – Listen Now!
January 3, 2017
The right playlist can help keep you motivated, focused and determined to finish a great workout. Learn what it takes to create an uplifting, positive exercise playlist.
How to Make Better Resolutions with Jan Stanley – Listen Now!
December 27, 2016
Learn how goals contribute to a fulfilling life, why goals and resolutions fail, what to do to increase rates of success and how to commit to your goals once you've established them.
5 Steps to Reducing Stress with Genella Macintyre – Listen Now!
December 20, 2016
Does the idea of managing your stress levels stress you out? We talk with author and trainer Genella Macintyre about 5 steps to reducing stress and how to recognize what actually works.
Healthy Holidays with Tana Amen – Listen Now!
December 15, 2016
NY Times best-selling author of The Omni Diet and The Brain Warrior's Way Cookbook Tana Amen shares the choices you can make to have a healthy and happy holiday season.
Achieving Happiness at Work with Jessica Rovello – Listen Now!
December 13, 2016
Jessica Rovello shares what Arkadium has done for their company culture in order to be named a Best Workplace by Inc. magazine.
The Road to Sparta with Dean Karnazes – Listen Now!
December 6, 2016
Acclaimed endurance athlete and NY Times best-selling author, Dean Karnazes has pushed his body and mind to inconceivable limits. We learn more about Dean's journey along the 153-mile road to Sparta.
Finding Happiness When Life Doesn't Make Sense with Jennifer Rothschild – Listen Now!
November 29, 2016
At the young age of 15, Jennifer Rothschild was diagnosed with a rare, degenerative eye disease that would eventually steal her sight. She shares how she has been able to remain optimistic and positive through her life despite the adversities.
How to Create a Gratitude Playlist with Paula Felps – Listen Now!
November 22, 2016
We say it time and again that gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to share happiness and feel authentic happiness. Live Happy science editor Paula Felps to talk about how to create the perfect gratitude playlist. 
Practicing Digital Mindfulness with Janell Burley Hofmann – Listen Now!
November 15, 2016
Janell Burley Hofmann is an international speaker, consultant & the author of the book iRules: What Every Tech Healthy Family Needs to Know About Selfies, Sexting, Gaming & Growing Up.
How to be Happy at Work with Chris Libby – Listen Now!
November 8, 2016
Live Happy magazine section editor Chris Libby joins the podcast to share how mindfulness, gratitude, compassion and more can help boost your happiness at work.
Yoga: Not Just for Adults Anymore with Susan Verde – Listen Now!
November 1, 2016
Susan Verde, author of The Museum, You and Me, I am Yoga and the forthcoming The Water Princess, shares how yoga can help your child cultivate patience, resilience, creativity and confidence.
Exploring Happiness Through Film with Adam Shell – Listen Now!
October 25, 2016
Adam Shell is an award-winning documentary film director, editor and musician. In his latest film, Pursuing Happiness, Adam and producer Nicholas Kraft, embark upon a journey to find what makes Americans happy. 
Using Mindfulness to Empower Children with Susie Wolbe – Listen Now!
October 18, 2016
Athletics, theater, music lessons, honors classes…these are all great things for your child to be involved with but is it stressing them out? Susie Wolbe shares what parents can do to help their child experience less stress and help them to be more successful through the practice of mindfulness. 
Happiness in the Brain with Deborah Heisz – Listen Now!
October 11, 2016
We geek out over the new issue of Live Happy magazine with Live Happy CEO and Editorial Director Deborah Heisz. Listen in as we preview four of the articles in this issue and explore the topic of happiness in the brain. 
How to Stop Negative Mental Chatter with Dr. Srikumar Rao – Listen Now!
October 6, 2016
Dr. Srikumar Rao joins the Live Happy Now podcast again to help us learn how to stop the negative self criticism that we all experience from time to time, how to deal with toxic personalities and getting more out of life.
Change Your Brain, Change Your Life with Dr. Daniel Amen – Listen Now!
October 4, 2016
Psychiatrist and brain disorder specialist Dr. Daniel Amen discusses the things you can do every day to improve your brain health.
The Sound of Food with Steve Keller – Listen Now!
September 27, 2016
Audio-branding expert Steve Keller combines his degree in Psychology with over 25 years of experience in the music industry to share how music affects the taste of food.
This is Your Brain on Happiness with Wendy Suzuki – Listen Now!
September 20, 2016
Wendy Suzuki is a Professor of Neural Science and psychology at New York University. Wendy shares some of her research on how aerobic exercise improves brain function and how she figured out how to get a healthy brain and a happy life.  
Celebrating Character Day with Tiffany Shlain – Listen Now!
September 15, 2016
Emmy-nominated filmmaker Tiffany Shlain talks about the power of film and an event called Character Day which is a free global initiative where groups around the world screen films on the science of character development and dive into free discussion materials.  
10% Happier with Dan Harris – Listen Now!
September 13, 2016
TV news anchor Dan Harris shares how he has learned to become just 10% happier at a time, how he reduced stress without losing his edge and found self-help that actually works.
Queen Bees and Wannabes—Inside the Life of Teenagers with Rosalind Wiseman – Listen Now!
September 6, 2016
Rosalind is the author of Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends, and the New Realities of Girl World—the groundbreaking, best-selling book that was the basis for the movie Mean Girls. We sat down with Rosalind to dive into the life of teenagers, technology and surviving cliques.
How to Create the Perfect Playlist with Paula Felps – Listen Now!
August 30, 2016
There's an art to creating the perfect pick-me-up playlist. In this episode we teach you how to create the perfect playlist and provide our choices for mood-boosting songs. 


Live Happy Now Episodes – Season 1

EP78: The Best of Season 1 – Listen Now!
August 9, 2016

We look back at some of our favorite episodes from Season 1 of Live Happy Now. Did your favorite episode make the list?
EP77: Dr. Srikumar Rao – Creativity and Personal Mastery to Change Your Life – Listen Now!
August 2, 2016
Dr. Srikumar Rao has helped thousands of executives and entrepreneurs all over the world discover deep meaning. He has conceived the innovative Creativity and Personal Mastery course that he teaches in London and New York. 

EP76: The Importance of Positive Education – Part 2 – Listen Now!
July 26, 2016
We continue our discussion with positive psychology and well-being thought leaders live at The Festival of Positive Education in Dallas, TX. Guests include Dr. Abdulla Al Karam and Lea Waters.
EP75: The Importance of Positive Education – Part 1 – Listen Now!
July 21, 2016
We sat down with positive psychology and well-being thought leaders live at The Festival of Positive Education in Dallas, TX. Guests include Angela Duckworth, Sir Anthony Seldon, Steve Leventhal, Aliénor Salmon, Barry Kerzin, Laurie Coots and Fred Kiel.
EP74: Heather Shumaker – Raising Confident and Creative Kids – Listen Now!
July 19, 2016
Heather Shumaker is a national speaker on parenting and early childhood topics and is the author of two renegade parenting books: It’s OK Not to Share…and Other Renegade Rules for Raising Competent and Compassionate Kids and It’s OK to Go Up the Slide
EP73: Natalia Cohen – Rowing the Pacific – Listen Now!
July 12, 2016
Natalia Cohen became part of the first all-female team to row unsupported across the Pacific Ocean. Natalia shares her amazing story in this episode of Live Happy Now.
EP72: Lisa Loeb – Sparking Happiness Through Creativity – Listen Now!
July 5, 2016
Pop star, author, style maven, philanthropist and mom Lisa Loeb shares more about her fourth children's album and raising happy, creative kids. 
EP71: Raj Raghunathan – If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Happy? – Listen Now!
June 28, 2016
Raj is professor of marketing at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin and is interested in exploring the impact that people's judgments and decisions have on their own happiness and fulfillment. 
EP70: Joseph Cardillo – How to Master Body Intelligence – Listen Now!
June 21, 2016
What if you could train your body and mind to give you the energy you need when you need it automatically? Joseph Cardillo talks on the topic of mastering your body intelligence in this episode of Live Happy Now.
EP69: Zelana Montminy – 21 Days to Resilience – Listen Now!
June 14, 2016
Unlock your inner superhero with the power of resilience. Zelana Montminy, Ph.D., is author of 21 Days to Resilience and speaks around the world on the topic of resilience. 
EP68: Dr. Michelle Robin – Small Changes, Big Shifts – Listen Now!
June 7, 2016
Dr. Michelle Robin talks about the impact of small changes on your overall well-being. Michelle is an international speaker, best-selling author and founder of Your Wellness Connection, one of the nation’s most successful integrative healing centers.
EP67: Kristin Meekhof – Finding Joy After Loss – Listen Now!
May 31, 2016
Kristin Meekhof, a licensed master’s level social worker and author of the book A Widow’s Guide to Healing: Gentle Support and Advice For the First Five Years shares how to get back to living a life full of joy after the loss of a loved one.
EP66: Neil Pasricha – The Happiness Equation – Listen Now!
May 25, 2016
What if the secret to happiness was found in an equation? The New York Times best-selling author Neil Pasricha shares more in this episode of Live Happy Now.
EP65: Ross Mathews – From Small Town Life to the Hollywood Red Carpet – Listen Now!
May 17, 2016
Ross Mathews has won the hearts of millions of Americans since his television debut as a correspondent for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In this episode we learn more about Ross’s journey toward happiness and what his keys are to living happy.
EP64: Linda Swain – The Happiest People & Places on the Planet – Listen Now!
May 10, 2016
Linda Swain is a creator, producer and television host of Tapping IN: The Happiest People and Places on the Planet. In this episode, Linda shares more about her experience traveling the world in search of happiness.
EP63: Joshua Smyth – How Expressive Writing Improves Your Happiness – Listen Now!
May 3, 2016
Joshua Smyth, Ph.D., professor of Biobehavioral Health and Medicine at Penn State and co-author of the upcoming book Opening Up by Writing It Down, shares how expressive writing can help manage stress and improve well-being.
EP62: Dr. Edward Hallowell – The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness – Listen Now!
April 26, 2016
The New York Times best-selling author Dr. Edward Hallowell shares the steps parents can take to help their children become happier as adults.
EP61: Peter Neill – Why The Oceans Matter
More Than We Realize – Listen Now!
April 19, 2016
Peter Neill, founder and director of World Ocean Observatory, shares the importance of our oceans to our global well-being. World Ocean Observatory is a web-based place of exchange for information and education about the health of the ocean.
EP60: Matt Tenney – The Mindfulness Edge – Listen Now!
April 12, 2016
Discover why mindfulness can be considered the ultimate success habit with Matt Tenney, author of The Mindfulness Edge: How to Rewire Your Brain for Leadership and Personal Excellence Without Adding to Your Schedule.
EP59: Stacy Kaiser – The Perfect Parent – Listen Now!
April 5, 2016
Explore the idea of "super parents" with Live Happy editor at large Stacy Kaiser and why striving to be a good parent by allowing room for error and accepting imperfections really helps model to children that trying your best is what is really important.
EP58: Dr. Drew Ramsey on Health – Listen Now!
March 29, 2016
Dr. Drew is The New York Times best-selling author of Fifty Shades of Kale and The Happiness Diet. He is one of psychiatry’s leading proponents of using dietary change to help balance moods, sharpen brain function and improve mental health. 
EP57: Kenneth Pargament on Spirituality – Listen Now!
March 24, 2016
Kenneth Pargament, Ph.D., is professor emeritus of psychology at Bowling Green State University and author of The Psychology of Religion and Coping and Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy: Understanding and Addressing the Sacred. 
EP56: Steve Leventhal on Resilience – Listen Now!
March 22, 2016
Steve Leventhal is the executive director of CorStone, an international nongovernmental organization that develops and provides personal resilience programs.
EP55: Celebrate the International Day of Happiness – Listen Now!
March 17, 2016
Learn how Live Happy is celebrating the International Day of Happiness and how you can help make the world a happier place with happy acts.
EP54: Ali Smith on Mindfulness – Listen Now!
March 15, 2016
Ali Smith, co-founder of the Holistic Life Foundation, has more than 15 years of experience teaching yoga and mindfulness to diverse populations.
EP53: Birju Pandya on Giving Back – Listen Now!
March 10, 2016

Birju Pandya works with ServiceSpace, an organization run entirely by volunteers that leverages technology to encourage everyday people around the world to do small acts of service.
EP52: Sonja Lyubomirsky on Gratitude – Listen Now!
March 8, 2016
Sonja Lyubomirsky is author of The How of Happiness, the first book by a highly-credentialed positive psychologist to present the latest research in a “how-to” format.
EP51: Holly Raynes on Creativity – Listen Now!
March 3, 2016
Holly Raynes was inspired by a family member who was a Titanic survivor and another who escaped from Poland in World War II. Her book, Nation of Enemies, combines lessons from the past with a healthy fear of the modern landscape. In this episode of Live Happy Now she discusses creativity—one of 10 practices for choosing joy.
EP50: The Science of Savoring with Paula Felps
PLUS a preview of the April 2016 issue – Listen Now!

March 1, 2016
Live Happy magazine science editor Paula Felps shares more about the science of savoring. We also give a preview of the April issue of Live Happy magazine.
EP49: Alastair Moock on Meaning – Listen Now!
February 25, 2016
Alastair Moock is a 2013 Grammy Award nominee and musician who creates music for kids. In this episode of Live Happy Now he discusses meaning—one of 10 practices for choosing joy.
EP48: Mary Miller on Attitude – Listen Now!
February 23, 2016
Mary Miller is the CEO and owner of JANCOA Janitorial Service, Inc., an award-winning commercial cleaning service located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Mary is known for her positive outlook and desire to help others realize their uniqueness and personal power. 
EP47: Barbara Fredrickson on Relationships and Love – Listen Now!
February 16, 2016
Barbara Fredrickson, Ph.D. is among the most highly cited scholars in psychology and serves as president of the International Positive Psychology Association. In this episode of the Live Happy Now podcast, she discusses one of our ten practices for choosing joy—relationships and love.
EP46: James and Suzie Pawelski – Achieving Harmonious Passion – Listen Now!
February 11, 2016
James Pawelski-founding director of the UPenn Masters in Applied Positive Psychology program-and his wife, journalist and contributing editor to Live Happy magazine Suzie Pawelski, discuss how you can create harmonious passion in your personal relationships.
EP45: Success Stories – 90 Days to a Happier You – Listen Now!
February 9, 2016
Find out how Live Happy staff members learned to make better choices and build habits that have helped them become happier people.
EP44: Gretchen Rubin – Better Than Before – Listen Now!
February 2, 2016
Gretchen Rubin, author of several best-selling books, including Better Than Before, The Happiness Project and Happier at Home, talks about the power of habits in creating a happier and more successful life.
EP43: Valorie Burton – Find Your Happiness Trigger – Listen Now!
January 28, 2016
Valorie Burton is a best-selling author and speaker who helps people "get unstuck" and "be unstoppable" in every area of their lives. Valorie talks about identifying your personal happiness triggers, how to bounce back from stress and adversity, and how to savor each moment every day.
EP42: Christine Carter – Learning to Unplug from Work – Listen Now!
January 26, 2016
Christine Carter, sociologist and senior fellow at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center and author of The Sweet Spot shares how to become more present in life.
EP41: Emma ​Seppälä – The Happiness Track – Listen Now!
January 21, 2016
Emma Seppälä is Science Director of Stanford University’s Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education as well as the author of The Happiness Track: How to Apply the Science of Happiness to Accelerate Your Success.
EP40: Caroline Miller – Setting Career Goals – Listen Now!
January 19, 2016
Caroline Miller is a pioneer with her ground-breaking work in the areas of goal setting/accomplishment, grit, happiness and success. Caroline shares the science of goal-setting and the link between happiness and success.
EP39: Michael Breus – Overcoming Chronic Insomnia – Listen Now!
January 14, 2016
Michael Breus, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist as well as a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine who looks at how you can get a better night’s sleep.
EP38: Karen Cassiday – Managing Negative Thinking – Listen Now!
January 12, 2016
Karen Cassiday is the president of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America and shares the causes and difficulties with worry and how to overcome it.
EP37: Michele Gravelle – Improving Communication with Others – Listen Now!
January 7, 2016
Executive coach and communication expert Michele Gravelle shares the obstacles to effective communication and how to improve your communication with others.
EP36: Tal Ben Shahar – 3 Steps to Lasting Change
PLUS a preview of the February 2016 issue – Listen Now!
January 5, 2016
Tal Ben Shahar, Ph.D., author and lecturer who taught Harvard University’s most popular course on positive psychology, shares the three steps to lasting change and what you can do to help make your resolutions succeed. We also give a preview of the February issue of Live Happy magazine.
EP35: Michelle Segar – New Year, New You – Listen Now!
December 31, 2015
Michelle Segar, Ph.D., motivation scientist and author of the critically acclaimed No Sweat! How the Simple Science of Motivation Can Bring You a Lifetime of Fitness, explores what really motivates us to make and keep resolutions as well as what we can do to successfully reach our health and fitness goals.
EP34: The Best of Live Happy Now 2015 – Listen Now!
December 29, 2015
In this episode we look back on past interviews from the Live Happy Now podcast with Live Happy COO, Co-Founder and Editorial Director Deborah Heisz. Did your favorite episode make the list?
EP33: Jim Brickman – How to Find the Calm Amid Everyday Chaos – Listen Now!
December 22, 2015
Jim Brickman is a Grammy Award-nominated contemporary pianist. In his latest book, Soothe: How to find Calm Amid Everyday Chaos—he compiles a collection of both spiritual and practical advice that mirrors the way it feels when listening to his music.
EP32: Margaret Greenberg – Profit from the Positive – Listen Now!
December 17, 2015
Margaret Greenberg, “Positive Work” columnist for Live Happy magazine, dives into the field of positive psychology, numerous tools to help you profit from the positive and advice to help you find your authentic happiness. 
EP31: Jenny Santi – The Giving Way to Happiness – Listen Now!
December 15, 2015
Jenny Santi is a trusted philanthropy advisor to some of the world's most generous givers and celebrity activists. In this episode Jenny shares the science behind giving, how it makes you feel good and ways to overcome compassion fatigue.
EP30: Deepak Chopra and Rudolph Tanzi – Super Genes – Listen Now!
December 8, 2015
New York Times best-selling author Deepak Chopra and internationally acclaimed expert on Alzheimer's disease Rudolph Tanzi dive into their latest book Super Genes and how you have the power to change the activity of your genetic make-up.
EP29: Sara Oliveri – Coach Yourself to Happiness – Listen Now!
December 3, 2015
Sara Oliveri, life coach and speaker, shares effective tools to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life and how to identify your personal core values to help you achieve authentic happiness.
EP28: Dr. Drew Ramsey – Happier with Every Bite – Listen Now!
December 1, 2015
Dr. Drew Ramsey, New York Times best-selling author of Fifty Shades of Kale and The Happiness Diet, shares the best foods for a healthy and growing brain as well as great tips for wholesome eating on a budget. 
EP27: Anne Fishel – Home for Dinner – Listen Now!
November 24, 2015
Anne K. Fishel, Ph.D., is a co-founder of The Family Dinner Project, a non-profit group that works online and in person to help families have healthy and enjoyable dinners. In this episode we explore some tips for making dinner table conversation interesting, lively and meaningful.
EP26: Rhonda Cornum – Resilience Boot Camp – Listen Now!
November 19, 2015
Rhonda Cornum was a flight surgeon in 1991 when her Black Hawk helicopter was sent to rescue a downed F-16 pilot. Through this “one week of misadventure” she remained positive. Learn where that resilience came from, the major challenges to teaching and learning resilience, and a few tips to become more resilient. 
EP25: Tom Rath – 3 Ways to Get More Out of Life – Listen Now!
November 17, 2015
Tom Rath shares his most recent work, a feature-length documentary film, Fully Charged, which explores the key elements of energizing one's work and life through personal stories and interviews with the world's leading social scientists.


EP24: Louis Alloro – Tap Into the Power of Gratitude – Listen Now!
November 12, 2015

Louis Alloro is one of the first 100 people in the world to earn a Master of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. In this episode we look at the power of gratitude as well as recommendations for positivity and peace during the holiday season. 
EP23: Dr. Michael Finkelstein – The Slow Medicine Approach to Forgiveness – Listen Now!
November 10, 2015
Dr. Michael Finkelstein, also known as The Slow Medicine Doctor, shares the definition of forgiveness and some tools for releasing stress from traumatic experiences or toxic personalities.
EP22: Deepak Chopra – Strength in Family
PLUS a preview of the December 2015 issue – Listen Now!
November 3, 2015
New York Times best-selling author Deepak Chopra and his daughter Mallika share valuable insight into the importance of creating a relationship with yourself, as well as inspiring advice for parents. We also give a preview of the December issue of Live Happy magazine.
EP21: Adam Shell – Pursuing Happiness – Listen Now!
October 29, 2015
Adam Shell, an award-winning documentary film director, shares more about his latest film, Pursuing Happiness, and what insights he has discovered along the way.
EP20: Gayle and Mildred Kirschenbaum – Power of Forgiveness – Listen Now! 
October 27, 2015
Emmy Award-winning filmmaker/TV producer Gayle Kirschenbaum and her mother Mildred discuss their feature documentary, Look At Us Now, Mother!, and share their journey to forgiveness.
EP19: Dr. Eric Pearl – Understanding Energy – Listen Now!
October 20, 2015
Dr. Eric Pearl is founder of The Reconnection and a pioneer in energy healthcare. In this episode, we'll learn more about what energy healing can do for you, and how you can begin to restore your body to its optimal balance.
EP18: Shane Lopez – Making Hope Happen – Listen Now!
October 15, 2015
Shane Lopez, Ph.D., is one of the world’s leading researcher on hope. Find out the importance of creating a relationship with your future self, coming up with multiple pathways to reach your goals and a few activities you can try to become more helpful.
EP17: James and Suzie Pawelski – Romance and Research – Listen Now!
October 13, 2015
James Pawelski-founding director of the UPenn Masters in Applied Positive Psychology program-and his wife, journalist and contributing editor to Live Happy Suzann Pileggi Pawelski, discuss how research from positive psychology can lead to meaningful and long-lasting relationships.
EP16: Shawn Achor – The Happiness Advantage – Listen Now! 
October 8, 2015
Shawn Achor is the New York Times best-selling author of Before Happiness and The Happiness Advantage. In this episode, Shawn shares how happiness fuels success, how you can capitalize on the Happiness Advantage and his two-part O-Course Experience on Oprah.com.  
EP15: David Shadrack Smith – Belief – Listen Now! 
October 6, 2015
David Shadrack Smith serves as executive producer and director on the highly anticipated landmark series with Oprah Winfrey, Belief. In this episode, David shares more about the series that explores humankind’s ongoing search to connect with something greater than ourselves. 
EP14: Stop Bullying Now – an Anti-Bullying Special Episode – Listen Now!
October 1, 2015
Live Happy Section Editor Chris Libby joins us to discuss the topic of bullying, how it starts and what you can do to help stop bullying. In this episode we are joined by a panel of people that were interviewed for an article published in the October issue of Live Happy magazine.
EP13: Darlene Mininni – The Science of Resilience – Listen Now!
September 29, 2015
Darlene Mininni, Ph.D., author of The Emotional Toolkit and creator of the UCLA undergraduate well-being course Life Skills, shares how to use mindfulness and meditation to reduce stress and how to fit it into your busy schedule.
EP12: Richard Sears – Mental and Physical Mindfulness – Listen Now!
September 24, 2015
Richard Sears, Ph.D., is a board-certified clinical psychologist that shares the definition of mindfulness, activities you can do with your kids to teach them mindfulness and how to unplug from the technological world.
EP11: Caroline Miller – Authentic Grit – Listen Now!
September 22, 2015
Caroline was one of the first graduates of the University of Pennsylvania’s Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program and is author of Creating Your Best Life and Positively Caroline. Caroline shares her personal happiness journey, how to become grittier, and her new book Authentic Grit.
EP10: Michelle McQuaid – Put Your Strengths to Work – Listen Now!
September 17, 2015
Michelle McQuaid, best-selling author, workplace well-being teacher and playful change activator, shares how to discover your strengths at work and how to use these strengths to bring you a more enjoyable and engaging workplace. 
EP9: Tory Johnson – The Mental Shift – Listen Now!
September 15, 2015
Tory Johnson, seen every Thursday on ABC's Good Morning America where she presents the popular Deals & Steals segment, shares her personal happiness journey and her new book Shift for Good: Simple Changes for Lasting Joy Inside and Out
EP8: Christine Carter – The Sweet Spot – Listen Now!
September 10, 2015
Christine Carter, Ph.D., offer listeners not just a way to cope with modern pressures, but a way to truly thrive. Christine looks at living life from our “sweet spot”—that place of both power and ease.
EP7: Robert Holden – Happiness Now – Listen Now!
September 8, 2015
Robert Holden, Ph.D., is a best-selling author, speaker and expert on happiness, forgiveness and well-being. In this episode Robert discusses his 8 week happiness program and finding the happiness within yourself.
EP6: Jonathan Haidt – Getting the Fundamentals Right – Listen Now!
September 3, 2015
Jonathan Haidt recently spoke at the 2015 International Positive Psychology Association conference. Jonathan further discusses the 10 great truths, ideas to creating lasting happiness and how to deal with opposite beliefs in a heated discussion.
EP5: When Happiness Has a Bad Day
PLUS a preview of the October 2015 issue – Listen Now!
September 1, 2015
Paula Felps, the science editor for Live Happy magazine has recently looked into current research about the “backlash” on positive psychology. This episode delves into how the pursuit of happiness is stressing us out and how to take some of the pressure off yourself. We also give a preview of the October issue of Live Happy magazine.
EP4: Jeff Olson – The Slight Edge to Happiness – Listen Now!
September 1, 2015
Founder of Live Happy, Jeff Olson, shares insights to small actions you can take every day to achieve happiness. Over the past 30 years Jeff has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals achieve better levels of financial freedom and personal excellence. 
EP3: Michelle Gielan – Broadcasting Happiness – Listen Now!
August 26, 2015
Michelle Gielan, founder of the Institute for Applied Positive Research and an expert on the science of positive communication shares the steps you can take to broadcast happiness to create a positive impact on your community. Michelle also shares more on her new book Broadcasting Happiness.
EP2: Tom Rath – Are You Fully Charged? – Listen Now!
August 26, 2015
Tom Rath, author of Are You Fully Charged? The Three Keys to Energizing Your Work and Life, studies the role of human behavior in business, health and well-being. In this episode Tom discusses the importance of positive interaction and how to handle negative emotions.
EP1: Welcome to the Live Happy Now podcast! – Listen Now!
August 26, 2015
Deborah Heisz, COO, Co-Founder and Editorial Director of Live Happy introduces what you can look forward to with the Live Happy Now podcast and a preview of the upcoming guests like Michelle Gielan, Tom Rath, Christine Carter, and Deepak Chopra.  
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