December 2016 Issue

Live Happy December 2016 issue cover.
Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan

National Geographic Channel/Mark Thiessen

Cesar Millan Still Leads the Pack

By: Greg Archer

Find out what's new with "dog whisperer" Cesar Millan.

Mayim Bialik peeking out behind her glasses.

Photograph ©James Banasiak

Mayim Bialik Is Geeking Out on Happiness

By: Gina Roberts-Grey

Mayim Bialik from 'The Big Bang Theory' is quite content with her perfectly imperfect life.

Illustration of woman writing in gratitude journal.

4 Gratitude Rituals to Increase Kindness and Joy

Use these 4 gratitude rituals to increase happiness and strengthen relationships.

Actress Jillian Rose Reed

Photo ©Adam Hendershott—The Headshot Truck

Jillian Rose Reed Is Happily Connected

Jillian Rose Reed, star of the MTV hit show Awkward, makes her social life a top priority for happiness.

Log cabin on beautiful lake.
Photo by Justin Pumphrey/

The Warmth of a Finnish Sauna

By: Joseph Worthington

Finnish saunas offer an opportunity for total relaxation and soul-searching amid the stunning wilderness.

Colleagues exchanging presents at a meeting.

Try These 5 Better Ways to Celebrate at Work

When you celebrate the holidays at work this year, try putting the focus on experiences instead of gifts.

Very happy, beautiful woman
Max Kegfire/

Srikumar Rao Wants You to Feel Radiantly Alive

Transformational teacher and guide Srikumar Rao has designed a new path to reaching happiness that he calls CPM: Creativity and Personal Mastery.

Happy mom and daughter blowing bubbles outside.


How You Can Inspire Happiness in Others

By: Deborah K. Heisz

Happiness researchers Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan discuss their upcoming PBS special, Inspire Happiness.

Kids in the classroom.

4 Ideas Shaping the Future of Education

Experts in positive psychology share ideas that could change the future of education.

Cute couple under covers


4 Ways to Reignite Your Relationship

Make spending time with your partner a priority.

Turkey in a roasting pan
Steve Cukrov/

Let's Talk Turkey

The Thanksgiving meal may be chock full of caloric indulgences, but roast turkey is a healthy eater's dream: a lean protein packed with tryptophan and other important nutrients.

Noah Galloway

Noah Galloway Is Living With No Excuses

By: Deborah Evans Price

Army veteran Noah Galloway fought his way back from despair to live a life with no excuses.

Smiling woman with holiday presents.


Make This Holiday Season Better Than Perfect

By: Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, an all-or-nothing mentality could keep you from enjoying yourself during the holidays. Let go of perfectionism and accept yourself and those around you.

Couple having a fun snowball fight.


33 Ideas for Holiday Fun

Ease into the holiday season with these great ideas for things to read, watch and do.

Phil and Joann Gulley have embraced a simpler life.
Phil and Joann Gulley

Living on Less to Give More

In a new kind of philanthropy, a growing number of people are intentionally living on less to give back more to their favorite causes.

Woman with idea lightbulb


5 Ultimate Happiness Hacks for Your Brain

Bring peace and equilibrium to your central circuitry.

Group of friends sharing a meal.

Cohousing Communities Are Built for Connection

A new kind of communal living, cohousing communities are private residences made for engagement, connection and sustainability.

Best friends embracing

The Friendship Prescription

By: Paula Derrow

Though we often take it lightly, friendship is absolutely essential to our happiness.

Woman buying tomatoes at Eastern Market.
Photographs by David Lewinski

Mixing It Up at Detroit's Eastern Market

By: Terri Peterson Smith

At Detroit's Eastern Market—the largest open-air public market in the country—people as diverse as the produce have converged for 125 years to shop, converse and forge a tight-knit sense of community.

A young boy and girl kissing


Born to Love

By: Deborah K. Heisz

As this excerpt from the book 'Live Happy' shows, the more deep connections we make, the more we flourish.

Happiness of the Holiday Table

Illustrations by Jon Cannell

Happiness of the Holiday Table

By: Stephanie Alexander

Swapping favorite stories is more than just holiday dinner banter. It bonds us, shapes us, shores up our family pride and deeply enriches our lives.

Gifts at Dallas police station

Community Shows Up for Dallas Police

By: Alix Schwartz

During a time of tragedy, a community comes together.

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