February 2018 Issue

Allison Janney on cover of Live Happy magazine
Laila Ali

Photograph courtesy ©Laila Ali

Laila Ali: The People's Champ

By: Gerry Strauss

She’s got the pedigree of a born champion, her own résumé of in-ring excellence and the natural charisma of a superstar.

Happy woman at work

Tackle Work Stress With These Practical Tips

Increase well-being at work with more than a dozen expert tips.

Woman with donuts
Look Studio/Shutterstock.com

How Zesty Are You?

By: Ryan Niemiec

Are you zesty? People with this character tend to have better physical health and a higher level of engagement in life.

Allison Janney
Photography by Kate Romero

Allison Janney Savors the Simple Things

By: Gina Roberts-Grey

Allison Janney, who stars in the new movie about Tonya Harding, takes time out from working to talk about her relaxation routines.

Three happy friends together
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Be Happy to Live Longer

Happiness, in addition to eating well and exercising, may be the answer to living a long, healthy life.

Woman climbing a road (illustration)
Illustrations by Lucy Davey.

Use the Magic of Momentum to Achieve Success

By: Amanda Rider

Whatever our aspirations may be, momentum can serve as an underlying force helping to inch us closer to our desired results.

Astronauts in Love
Illustration by Steve Dorado.

33 Ideas for Romance

Watch love blossom with these 33 great ideas for romance.

Four friends walking together
Sam Edwards/Getty Images

We're Better Together

In his new book, Big Potential, Shawn Achor explains why the pursuit of happiness should not be done solo.

Couple holding hands

Main photo  ©Tim Robberts/Getty Images. Photo below of Suzann and James Pawelski ©Tony Baiada.

What's Love Got to Do With It?

Lasting love is not just about romance; as it turns out, there’s actually a science to making love last.

Woman waking up in bed
Nenad Aksic/Shutterstock.com

Get Better Sleep to Thrive at Work

Getting a good night's sleep is necessary to perform your best at work—and all day long.

Happy women in a cafe

Ask Stacy: How Can I Feel Happier for Other People's Success?

When conflict gets in the way of happiness, therapist Stacy Kaiser has the answers.

Strands of DNA

What Can Telomeres Tell Us?

Telomeres, the caps at the end of each strand of our DNA, are crucial for determining longevity. Learn how you can change lifestyle habits to boost your longevity.

People helping other people

Practice Random Acts of Kindness Every Day

"Kindness is all around you if that’s where you place your focus."

Soul mate couple
Photographs by Samantha Maber and Natalie Koen, Lily Magnolia Rose Photography, Simplyeloped.com

The Art of Mindful Dating

Being your authentic self is the best way to find a soul mate, say experts in the dating game.

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