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Music as Medicine With Steve Keller

A doctor writing a prescription for music

Music has such a powerful healing ability that some researchers are even looking at “sonic pharmacology” — using music as a tool to improve patients’ health. Steve Keller is one of the world’s leading experts on sonic strategy. As a researcher, he has explored how music and sound affect everything from our physical well-being to our emotional state to our relationships and overall perception of happiness. In this episode, he looks at the many surprising ways music can be used as a healing tool — and explains why, one day, your doctor might give you a musical prescription.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How the medical community is using sound to enhance healing.
  • Some of the surprising ways noise affects our health — and how music can help.
  • The unexpected ways music can change your eating habits and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Links and Resources

Join Steve’s campaign to take a stand for sonic diversity: www.standforsonicdiversity.com

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