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Our Sparkly New Issue Pops the Champagne Cork on Summer Fun

Actress and comedian Maya Rudolph opens up about SNL, her new TV show and creating her own happiness in the brand new issue of Live Happy magazine.

Actress Maya Rudoplh

Pick up the September edition of Live Happy magazine to laugh, learn, boost your mood and find a new groove.

  • Mama Maya

Actress and comedian Maya Rudolph opens up about SNL, her new TV show and what she learned about happiness on the set of Bridesmaids.

  • Musical Healing

We already know music has the power to boost our mood, bring us together and put us in a groove. But new research shows it may be able to do more, such as dull pain or speed up healing from an illness.

  • Find Your Tribe

Being part of a tight-knit community that gets into a groove together can bring on a radical kind of well-being or flourishing. Meet three people who have found their tribes and continue to thrive.

  • Six Courageous Women in a Boat

Michael may have rowed his boat ashore, but these six fearless women rowed their 29-foot carnation-pink boat across the Pacific Ocean. Read the story of their once-in-a-lifetime journey.

  • Going for Gold

The Olympics are upon us! Meet five tenacious young athletes—a kayaker, a fencer, two synchronized swimmers and a mountain biker—who have the grit and resilience to face the best in the world in Rio.


  • Let it all loose on Labor Day

And 32 more ideas for summer fun.

  • Cyndi Lauper in Full Color

The pop diva is older and wiser, but you can bet she’s still having fun.


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