Group of school children

Helping Children Thrive With Michelle Kinder


How do you encourage children to thrive when their lives are filled with stress and trauma? As executive director of the Momentous Institute in...
Illustration of a guy flipping with a basket ball

Flips for Happiness With Pat Graves


When Pat Graves was going through a difficult time in his life, he flipped out. But not in the way you might think: He committed to doing a backflip...
Illustration of a superwoman in the sky

Building Resilience and Well-Being With Karen Reivich


As director of the Resilience and Positive Psychology Training program at the Psychology Center of the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Karen Reivich...
Illustration of cringing woman

The Science of Awkwardness with Melissa Dahl


Senior editor of New York magazine and health journalist Melissa Dahl has released her first book, Cringeworthy: A Theory of Awkwardness , about the...
Illustration of a strong, positive brain

Eat to Beat Depression with Drew Ramsey


Psychiatrist, author and farmer Drew Ramsey, M.D., is one of psychiatry’s leading voices when it comes to using nutrition as a form of mental health...
Woman hunched over with a bird on her back

Dealing with Depression with Brent Williams


New Zealand native Brent Williams was a successful human rights attorney when a debilitating illness halted his career. The depression that overtook...
A person writing something on paper

Attitude of Gratitude with MJ Ryan


MJ Ryan is one of the creators of the Random Acts of Kindness book series and the author of several books, including The Happiness Makeover , The...
A man playing guitar

Giving Back with BJ Thomas


Singer BJ Thomas has enjoyed nearly half a century in the music business, selling more than 70 million records and winning multiple Dove and Grammy...
Illustrated image of two people praying.

The Happiness Prayer with Rabbi Evan Moffic


Rabbi Evan Moffic is a guide to Jewish wisdom for people of all faiths. A graduate of Stanford University, he is the spiritual leader of Congregation...
A Fish and two fish bowls graphic

The Art of Courageous Living with Ken Druck


Ken Druck, Ph.D., is an award-winning mental health expert specializing in parenting, aging, and resilience training. He's a renowned speaker...


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