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Nerd Fitness with Steve Kamb


Steve Kamb is the author of Level Up Your Life: How to Unlock Adventure and Happiness by Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story.

Discovering Your Hidden Potential with Barbara Oakley


Learn how you can overcome stereotypes and preconceived ideas about what is possible with author and professor Barbara Oakley.

The Healthy Workplace with Leigh Stringer


Discover tips to make your workplace a happier, healthier place with Senior Workplace Expert for EYP Architecture & Engineering Leigh Stringer.

The Future of Happiness with Amy Blankson


Wire your world for greater productivity and well-being with the use of technology.

Inspiring Children Through Music with Laurie Berkner


Award-winning children’s recording artist Laurie Berkner discusses the benefits of inspiring children through music.

The Power of Disciplined Creativity with Erik Wahl


Carpe diem or diem carpe? We discuss why letting the day seize you is more beneficial to your overall happiness and creativity.

Eyes Wide Open with Isaac Lidsky


Author and entrepreneur Isaac Lidsky shares why he believes that in many ways we are our own creators of the realities we live in.

The Happiest Time of Year - New Issue Preview


Dive into the newest issue of Live Happy magazine and hear a preview of some of the articles including cover story Queen Latifah.

Bringing Laughter Back with Yakov Smirnoff


Soviet-born American comedian Yakov Smirnoff shares why laughter is essential to your well-being and shares some of his well-known humor.

How to Declutter with Digital Spring Cleaning with Amy Blankson


In our techno-filled world spring cleaning isn't just for your closet anymore. Amy Blankson shares digital spring cleaning tips.


Celebrate The International Day of Happiness. Host a happiness wall. Live Happy presents #HappyActs.