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The Brink of Midnight with John Brenkus


Success is often created through hard work, tough choices and moments that are simply divine. John Brenkus joins the podcast to share what happens at...

The Happy Traveler with Jaime Kurtz


Summertime brings summer travel and sometimes the summer blues. Try these tips to make all your travels happy travels.

The Dog's Guide to Your Happiness with Garry McDaniel


Between the wet noses and the wagging tails, our four-legged companions have a lot to teach us about happiness.

Getting Grit with Caroline Miller


Grit is the stubborn refusal to quit and persevere. Learn how you can cultivate grit within your life to help you become more successful.

Finding Awe in Every Moment with Lani Shiota


Long ignored by science, awe is a powerful emotion that proves to have benefits for the mind, body and spirit.

Fun Facts in the July Issue of Live Happy magazine


Explore some of the fun facts that are shared in the July 2017 issue of Live Happy magazine.

No Time Like the Present with Jack Kornfield


There is one simple rule to live by: focus on the now to live a more fulfilling life.

A Journey in Space with Mike Massimino


Former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino shares his inspiring story and what it felt like looking back at Earth for the very first time.

How to Banish Negative Thoughts with Ora Nadrich


Explore 7 key questions you can ask yourself to challenge negative thinking.

Nerd Fitness with Steve Kamb


Steve Kamb is the author of Level Up Your Life: How to Unlock Adventure and Happiness by Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story.