• Bryce, Tiny Sparrow Photography

    Photography courtesy of Tiny Sparrow Foundation.

    Thanks to a network of more than 400 professional photographers nationwide who donate their time and talent, Tiny Sparrow continues to grow and...
  • Girl scouts in Cincinnati

    Photo by Cindy Baldhoff

    One Scout Troop in Cincinnati is running a “Smile Campaign” during the month of June to boost happiness.
  • Older lady flexing her muscles before a swim
    Photo credit: Peathegee Inc/Getty Images
    This character strength can help you solve problems and find success.

How to Defeat Negative Thinking [Video]


Negative thinking can get the best of us at the worst of times. But there's hope! Positive psychology Coach Derrick Carpenter reveals two key tactics that will intercept and defeat these thoughts before they have a chance to infiltrate your life. Posted with permission from
Woman with donuts
Look Studio/

How Zesty Are You?


Are you zesty? People with this character tend to have better physical health and a higher level of engagement in life.
Lightbulb, creativity conceptual photo
Brian A. Jackson/

7 Amazing Books That Will Unlock Your Creativity


Tap into your creativity when you pick up one or more of these inspiring, motivating books.
North House Folk School
Photographs courtesty of the John C. Campbell Folk School and the North House Folk School

Folk Schools Revitalize Traditional Skills of the Past


At folk schools, students come from all over to learn old-fashioned maker skills, from weaving to blacksmithing.
Greek landscape with ocean

Greece: ©Chris Christo/Getty Images

Find Your Blue Zone for a Long and Happy Life


According to new Blue Zones book, where you live, even more than how you live, may hold the key to happiness and longevity.
Computer screen with a big heart

How to Increase Empathy in the Digital Era


More than ever, we need to cultivate empathy as a society--especially in the online sphere.
Woman holding her arms up and birds flying in night sky
Pop Tika/

10 Best Books About Faith


Faith is personal; there is beauty to be found in the ways we define one powerful word. We’ve selected 10 thought-provoking books to launch your...
Hands holding a small heart.
Eakachai Leesin/

33 Ideas for Giving Back


Giving back not only benefits society--it's also great for your own health and happiness.
Mandalay Bay Hotel
Andrey Bayda/

How Mindfulness Helped Me Get Through the Las Vegas Shooting


I’m grateful for the tools that helped me self-soothe and show up in the world the way I want to--even during a catastrophe.
Jamie Bechtold with gongs
Photograph of Jamie Bechtold by Keaton Koechli

Sound Baths Offer a Concert for the Soul


In sound baths, Chinese gongs and Tibetan bowls provide soothing sounds and vibrations as a medium for meditation and mindfulness.


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