• Bryce, Tiny Sparrow Photography

    Photography courtesy of Tiny Sparrow Foundation.

    Thanks to a network of more than 400 professional photographers nationwide who donate their time and talent, Tiny Sparrow continues to grow and...
  • Girl scouts in Cincinnati

    Photo by Cindy Baldhoff

    One Scout Troop in Cincinnati is running a “Smile Campaign” during the month of June to boost happiness.
  • Older lady flexing her muscles before a swim
    Photo credit: Peathegee Inc/Getty Images
    This character strength can help you solve problems and find success.
House of Shine

Photograph courtesy ©House of Shine

House of Shine Helps Kids Find Their Life's Passion


Nonprofit House of Shine helps kids and grown-ups follow their passions.
Grilled cheese sandwich


Ruthie's Rolling Cafe Puts Kindness on the Menu


Caring for the community is part of the this food truck company’s DNA.
Computer that says 'volunteer'

7 Apps to Get You More Involved in Your Community and the World


Use these seven apps to become a digital volunteer, either at home or further afield.
Woman backpacker
Bogdan Sonjachnyj/

10 Best Travel Books to Inspire Your Wanderlust


The best travel books make you want to chuck your daily routine to travel the globe. These 10 rousing tales of courage, romance and discovery are...
Healthy Brain, Happy Life

Healthy Brain, Happy Life


Book explores how to activate the brain and use the power of the mind-body connection to increase happiness.
Happiness Library - Let Me Out

Let Me Out Helps Unlock Your Creativity


The book 'Let Me Out' shows you how to unlock your creativity through science-backed techniques.
Happy parents with baby.

10 Best Books for Happy Parenting


The best parenting books are ones that offer advice and not proscriptions, anecdotes instead of strict dos and don'ts. The 10 books listed here are...
Cute kida celebrating International Day of Happiness

Oh Happy Day


Joy held sway as people young and old came out this year to celebrate the International Day of Happiness.
Woman with boxing gloves
Monkey Business Images/

Do You Have Enough Grit?


Caroline Adams Miller's new book, Getting Grit, is about passion, perseverance and facing adversity to reach your true potential.
Girl sitting on top a vintage car.
Yuganov Konstantin/

33 Ideas for Adventure


You don't need to bungee-jump backward off a bridge to bring more excitement into your life. Try these 33 ideas to spark your inner adventurer.


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