The book Supersurvivors

The Surprising Link Between Suffering and Success

In this new book, psychologists David B. Feldman, Ph.D., and Lee Daniel Kravetz contend that those who face trauma and then go on to accomplish extraordinary feats, you are a “supersurvivor.”

The authors present stories of people who have learned how to redirect their focus and priorities to thrive in the face of great tragedy. This may have something to do with the fact that reflecting on death can, in a sense, lead to a better life. When you become acutely aware of how short and precious life really is, you are more likely to make the most meaningful choices possible.

Tragedy doesn’t have to cause you to shrink from a full life. Even in the midst of trauma, you can continue to smile, to love, to celebrate and to renew. The stories presented in Supersurvivors offer hope to anyone who faces great challenges and anyone who would prefer to harness the lessons learned rather than be crushed by them.

From the December 2014 issue of Live Happy magazine.


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