Week 3 of 2019 Happy Acts

Week 3 of 2019 Happy Acts

The International Day of Happiness may be on March 20, but we're celebrating happiness every day this month!

Monday, March 11 - Plant a flower.
  • Recent research shows that awe—an under appreciated emotion—can force us to stay in the moment, bringing with it all kinds of benefits for mind and body.

  • Awe has been defined as the positive emotion one may experience when confronting a vast stimulus that is not accounted for by one's current understanding, and/or challenges one’s day-to-day scope of experience. Learn how to tap into this emotion in this Live Happy Now episode.

Tuesday, March 12 - Donate your time.
Wednesday, March 13 - Host a happiness dinner.
  • Happiness dinners offer a delicious new way to celebrate the International Day of Happiness.

  • In this episode, Live Happy co-founder and Editorial Director Deborah K. Heisz talks with Science Editor Paula Felps about the science of savoring.

Thursday, March 14 - Pick up trash.
Friday, March 15 - Focus on the person you're with.

Saturday, March 16 - Sing your happy song.
Sunday, March 17 - Try something new.



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