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    Ron Howard believes happiness is about love, his favorite word. “It’s loving what I do and who I do it with.”
  • Creative kid
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    Focus on your kids' strengths and talents, says expert Lea Waters, to develop a more positive parenting relationship.
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    One thing we can do to stregthen our families is encourage children to pursue their interests and passions.
Happy Kids

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17 Things Our Kids Teach Us About Happiness


Follow children's lead when it comes to unplanned fun and spontaneity.
Father's Day

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The Best Father’s Day Gift


For stronger relationships, focus on positive moments and patterns.
national sibling day
Sandra with her sister Sara on Sandra's wedding day.

Sisterhood Is Powerful


The laughter, love and shared support between sisters lasts a lifetime.
Creative kid
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Know Your Kids' Strengths


Focus on your kids' strengths and talents, says expert Lea Waters, to develop a more positive parenting relationship.
Little girl holding Christmas ornament.


9 Tips for Low-Stress Holiday Entertaining


Don't let stress dampen your holiday fun. Use these helpful tips to make entertaining easy this year.
Fun with your kids

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50 Fun Ways to Feel Like a Kid Again


Want to feel like a kid again? Spend more time playing with one.
8 secrets to a happy family roadtrip!

8 Secrets to a Happy Family Road Trip


Are you ready for the summer? Pack up the kids and the dog and head out on the highway. But don't forget to read our expert advice before you leave...
Sunday suppers with Rev Run

Dinner With Rev Run


Countless studies show that sitting down with your family for a meal is good for your well-being. If that doesn't convince you, maybe you'll listen...

6 Reasons to Raise Your Family in the City


Conventional wisdom tells us that to raise happy children, you need a house, a lawn, fences and a backyard—in other words, the suburbs. But some...
Gretchen Rubin in Central Park

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6 Tips That Help Me Be the Parent I Want to Be


We all want to be calm, cheerful, light-hearted and fun-loving for our families. But in the tumult of everyday life, it’s easy to fall short. In...


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