• Sungle parent, happy kids
    Single parents experience unique challenges and special joys. Here are five expert-tested ways to raise happy kids in a one-parent household.
  • Parents: The First Role Models


    Many of us think of a role model as someone iconic and famous, looked up to by thousands of people. But no matter who you are, how you feel, or how...
  • Teenagers hanging out.
    Four steps to assess when to intervene with your teenager's life or let them make their own mistakes.
Teenagers hanging out.

Know When to Intervene With Your Teen


Four steps to assess when to intervene with your teenager's life or let them make their own mistakes.
Creative kid
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Know Your Kids' Strengths


Focus on your kids' strengths and talents, says expert Lea Waters, to develop a more positive parenting relationship.
Woman taking selfie with her dog
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Dog Days of Happiness


Dogs are the ultimate happiness gurus. Learn how to be as carefree as your four-legged friends.
Mom relaxing on the couch.
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7 Ways to Recharge This Mother’s Day


This Mother's Day, take some time for yourself to relax and recharge.
Father reading to his son.
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5 Essential Factors for Raising Resilient Kids


When kids are raised with a healthy dose of positive and motivational experiences, they're more likely to grow into happy, resilient adults.
Romantic couple on a pier.
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How Romantic Are You? [Quiz]


When it comes to romance, are you a dreamer with a heart of mush or a cold, hard realist?
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What's Love Got to Do With It?


Lasting love is not just about romance; as it turns out, there’s actually a science to making love last.
Astronauts in Love
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33 Ideas for Romance


Watch love blossom with these 33 great ideas for romance.
Cute couple with hearts over their eyes.
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6 Relationship Resolutions for Valentines Day


Just in time for Valentine's Day--make lasting improvements to your love life with these six expert relationship resolutions.
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Valentine's Day Ultimate Gift Guide


Looking for Valentine's Day gifts for your sweetie? We've got you covered—with quirky, cool and romantic treats for every taste.