• Sungle parent, happy kids
    Single parents experience unique challenges and special joys. Here are five expert-tested ways to raise happy kids in a one-parent household.
  • Parents: The First Role Models


    Many of us think of a role model as someone iconic and famous, looked up to by thousands of people. But no matter who you are, how you feel, or how...
  • Teenagers hanging out.
    Four steps to assess when to intervene with your teenager's life or let them make their own mistakes.
Woman buying tomatoes at Eastern Market.
Photographs by David Lewinski

Mixing It Up at Detroit's Eastern Market


At Detroit's Eastern Market—the largest open-air public market in the country—people as diverse as the produce have converged for 125 years to shop,...
Little girl holding Christmas ornament.


9 Tips for Low-Stress Holiday Entertaining


Don't let stress dampen your holiday fun. Use these helpful tips to make entertaining easy this year.
People celebrating at a holiday party

Gretchen Rubin's Strategies for the Holidays


Author and happiness expert Gretchen Ruben explains how to avoid the holiday mishaps that can can distract us from joyfully engaging with our loved...
Married couple having breakfast and looking bored.

Does Your Relationship Need a Tuneup? [QUIZ]


Have communication and connection started to fade? Take our quiz to find out the true state of your relationship.
American flag and a pair of boxing gloves.

5 Tips to Survive the 2017 Election


Don't let the stress of the presidential election drive a wedge between you and the people you care about.
Best friends embracing

The Friendship Prescription


Though we often take it lightly, friendship is absolutely essential to our happiness.
A young boy and girl kissing


Born to Love


As this excerpt from the book 'Live Happy' shows, the more deep connections we make, the more we flourish.
Cute couple under covers


4 Ways to Reignite Your Relationship


Make spending time with your partner a priority.
A frustrated couple having an argument.

Kaspars Grinvalds/

10 Ways to Argue So Both Sides Win


Keep your relationship positive and thriving when you use these tips to resolve an argument instead of escalating it.
Be Part of Character Day on September 22

Take Part in Character Day, September 22 [Video]


Be a part of Character Day this September 22 by celebrating your strengths and the strengths of those around you.


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