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How to Raise Happy Kids


Learn the key elements to raising happy kids who will grow up to be flourishing, successful adults.

5 Tips to Help Kids Become Happier Students


Students will always face challenges. As parents, we can help them overcome them, starting with these five tips.

10 Quick Fixes Every Parent Should Know


Life as a a parent is complicated. There is no one quick fixes that can completely solve the jigsaw puzzle of our responsibilities. But sometimes a...
Teenager brooding


Teen Angst or Teen Anguish?


Is your teenager just being surly, or is something truly wrong? This article will help you identify the difference.
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Love Him to the Max


People looking at a family with special needs often focus on the difficulties.But little moments and milestones can bring incredible joy.
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Overparenting Anonymous


According to Dr. Wendy Mogel, our habits of overparenting could be limiting the self-reliance of our kids—as well as our own happiness.
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The Happiest Child Ever?


Choices we make and they (eventually) make can help children rise above their genes and their environment.
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8 Ways to Raise Happy Kids


You can increase your chances of raising happy children by creating a loving, positive and safe environment at home.
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The Happy Formula for Successful Kids


According to Shawn Achor, author and Harvard researcher, to raise happy and successful kids you should model the traits of a dolphin.

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