Woman tweeting on her phone
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You Are What You Tweet


The words we use on social media are a signpost of what we're feeling inside.
Illustration of animals with religious symbols on them

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Have a Little Faith to Find Happiness


Faith and positive psychology intersect when it comes to concepts such as gratitude, kindness, forgiveness and mindfulness.
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Happy News of the Week


Get the latest happy news from the world of positive psychology and elsewhere in this uplifting wrap-up.
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Be Real About How You Feel


Embrace your negative emotions along with the positive ones to find true happiness, new study says.
Woman canoodling with her dog.
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Buy Yourself Free Time to Find Happiness


Money can buy happiness, study says, when used to buy time-saving services such as meal-delivery and house cleaning.
Yoga class.
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New Studies Boost Yoga’s Role in Fighting Depression


Yoga may help fight depression, according to new studies.
Woman admiring mountains and lake.

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Embracing Awe


Recent research shows that awe--an underappreciated emotion--can force us to stay in the moment, bringing with it all kinds of benefits for mind and...
Kids making music together
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Rock ’n’ Roll Preschool


When young children make music together, they become kinder and more cooperative.
Global Happiness in Dubai

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Advancing Global Happiness in Dubai


The fifth annual World Government Summit in Dubai brought together leaders and academics to discuss the importance and implementation of global...
Group of happy elementary school kids.
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Happy Schools Make Happy Children


When positive psychology comes to the classroom, across the globe, students succeed and thrive.