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World Happiness Report Names Norway Happiest Country in 2017


According to the World Happiness Report, Norway edges out Denmark as World's Happiest Country in 2017. The United States drops one spot to No. 14.
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This Is Your Brain on Humor


Researchers have discovered that genuine laughter lights up multiple areas of the brain, and that's a good thing for our long-term health and...
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Is Longevity in the Cards for You?


We’ve long been told that we have to play the hand life dealt us—but what if you could improve that hand?
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We're Better Together


In his new book, Big Potential, Shawn Achor explains why the pursuit of happiness should not be done solo.
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Which Kind of Goal Setter Are You?

Positive Psychology

Find out what happens when happiness experts Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan act as guinea pigs in their own goal-setting experiment.
Strands of DNA

What Can Telomeres Tell Us?


Telomeres, the caps at the end of each strand of our DNA, are crucial for determining longevity. Learn how you can change lifestyle habits to boost...
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Be Happy to Live Longer


Happiness, in addition to eating well and exercising, may be the answer to living a long, healthy life.
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Is Facebook Making Us More Jealous?

News & Trends

If you feel that spending time on social media has made you feel more envious of your friends, you are not alone. They've even coined a word for it:...
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Face Failure Head On With These Essential Tools

Positive Psychology

If you live in fear of failure, you'll never take the risks necessary to achieve your true potential.
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4 Ideas Shaping the Future of Education

Positive Psychology

Experts in positive psychology share ideas that could change the future of education.


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