Forever Young
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The Anti-Aging Workout


Expert tips for feeling young and healthy at any age.
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The Healing Power of Yoga


Some of yoga's most important benefits are mental and emotional, as well as physical.
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Move With Purpose to Live Better and Longer


Move your body every day to improve not just your muscle tone and endurance but also your quality of life.
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Top 5 Fitness Tips for People Over 40


Get advice from experts in the field on how to stay fit and flexible at 40 and beyond.
Is Your Fitness Tracker Making You Miserable?

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Is Your Fitness Tracker Making You Miserable?


Stop counting steps and focus on enjoying yourself when you exercise instead.

6 Easy Ways to Get Into Running


If you want to get into running but you're not sure where to start, here are 6 ideas to get you off the couch and onto the streets.
Bob Bowman and Michael Phelps: Everyday Excellence

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Michael Phelps' Secret to Everyday Excellence


The most decorated Olympian of all time didn’t win 22 medals (including 18 gold) alone. Instead, swimmer Michael Phelps relied on his coach, Bob...

More Fun, More Fitness


Finding a workout that is both fun and social can transform your attitude toward exercise.
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Fit for Happiness


Recent research shows that exercise has an immense impact on our mental and emotional being.
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Going with the Flow


Americans report that they experience something akin to flow several times per day, musicians, artists and athletes achieved flow most frequently.


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