Keep Stress in Check With WellBe

Man wearing a WellBe bracelet.
Courtesy of WellBe Inc.

New wearable tech takes your emotional measurements around the clock.

When life’s challenges pile up, it’s nice to get a friendly reminder to relax and stay calm. The WellBe, a new wearable stress monitor developed by former Microsoft executive and Mentors Channel founder Doron Libshtein and digital executive Zach Sivan, notifies you through your smartphone when your stress levels get out of whack.

The WellBe fits like a bracelet with a comfortable, eco-friendly cork wristband and a small monitor that checks your heart rate for three minutes every hour. Using Bluetooth technology, the data is sent to your smartphone where it is tracked and analyzed, letting you know exactly when and where you get stressed out the most.

Alerts can also be programmed to notify you when your levels get too high, making you fully aware of your present state of mind. The app recommends guided meditations, wellness programs and offers helpful tips to get you back to easy street.

Te WellBe bracelet comes in natural, black or brown, and sells for $149. The app is compatible with iOS and Android phones. For more information, visit

Chris Libby is the Section Editor for Live Happy magazine.

From the July 2017 issue of Live Happy magazine.


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