Almonds and whole walnuts being cracked.
Photograph by Rusty Hill

Go Nuts When Reaching for a Healthy Snack


Nuts just might be nature’s perfect snack food; they taste great and are packed with nutrients.
Woman eating spoonful of yogurt.

Can Fermented Food Elevate Your Mood?


According to the science of 'psychobiotics,' consuming more fermented foods and probiotics not only makes for a happier gut and better digestion but...
Two Nutrients You Can't Live Without

Lukas Gojda/

Two Nutrients You Can't Live Without


Don't forget zinc and vitamin B12 for a healthy body and brain.
Farmers Market

Main photo © Shawn Linehan. Photo below of produce © Glenn Charles; photo below of woman and baby © Richard Howard.

Catch the Wholesome Wave


Do you know about Wholesome Wave? This innovative nonprofit is working to make our food system more sustainable and more equitable.

A Brain Food Prescription


Healthy eating evangelist Dr. Drew Ramsey connects the dots between what we eat and how our brains function.
Beautiful fruits and vegetables

v. schlichting/

7 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget


We all know that eating healthy food will increase our happiness and health, but organic, fresh food can also be expensive. Check out these smart...
Hands holding bowl of blueberries

Eugene Sergeev/

Foods That Heal


In ailing health and suffering from depression, Sherry Lee White discovered her way back by changing the way she thought about food.
Woman at a farmers' market

Jack Frog/

5 Foods to Boost Your Mood


We eat to survive, but the specific foods we eat can make a huge difference in the way we feel.

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