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    With a strong love of learning, you are constantly growing and gaining new perspectives on life.
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    Hollywood journalist Ken Baker lived the high life but felt something was missing until he followed his spiritual faith.
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    When I was diagnosed with cancer, I had no other options beyond accepting my reality and reacting to each minute as it unfolded.
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The Happiness Trap and How to Avoid It


Deepak Chopra says there’s a hidden trap behind saying you're happy. The trap is that external success doesn’t lead to happiness.
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Faith-Based Friendships Increase Well-being


With faith-based friendships, people experience a sense of connectedness and belonging that may improve their sense of well-being.

Faith Therapy


Faith-based communities are often referred to as families that are linked by the bonds of love and shared belief.

The Riddle of Experience vs. Memory [Video]


Nobel laureate and founder of behavioral economics Daniel Kahneman reveals how our "experiencing selves" and our "remembering selves" perceive happiness differently.
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Simple Pathways to a Happier You


The secret to a happier you can be as simple as asking yourself what makes you happy, and taking a look to see if you are doing those things.
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How to Have a Happy Forecast


Some people smile and you feel warmed just by their attention. Here are three lessons on how to bring sunny weather with you.

Exercise and Happiness: Finding Flow


Do you ever go out jogging and get in the zone? This feeling is called flow, a state of complete engagement that is tied to happiness.
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Want Peace of Mind?


Dillard-Wright says meditation has been shown in a number of peer-reviewed studies to reduce stress and improve health, not to mention focus.

Choosing Happy


In “the pursuit of happiness”—is apropos, as happiness is a state that we must strive to achieve. But you can catch it—if you choose.
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Boost Your Mood: 23 Ways to Up Your Love of Life


Self-improvement and happiness authors including Gretchen Rubin and Sean Covey share their tips on how to have a positive outlook.


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