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    With a strong love of learning, you are constantly growing and gaining new perspectives on life.
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    Hollywood journalist Ken Baker lived the high life but felt something was missing until he followed his spiritual faith.
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    When I was diagnosed with cancer, I had no other options beyond accepting my reality and reacting to each minute as it unfolded.
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Train Your Brain for Happiness


Rewire your brain for happiness using interactive games on the Happify app.
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The Healing Power of Yoga


Some of yoga's most important benefits are mental and emotional, as well as physical.
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5 Steps to Fulfill Your Purpose


One of the key elements of a flourishing, fulfilling life is a sense of purpose that allows us to find our passions.
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Lifelong Education Delivers Confidence, Joy and Hope


Continued education offers more than knowledge--it is an integral part of a long and happy life.
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5 Wearable Tech Devices That Increase Emotional Awareness


As wearable tech explands beyond fitness trackers, we can gain better access to our emotional and even neurological wellness.
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Ikigai: The Secret to a Long and Happy Life


Ikigai, which roughly translates as living with purpose, is the secret sauce for many of Japan's happiest and longest-living people.
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33 Ideas for a More Meaningful Life


Create a lifetime of happiness and joy when you focus on what gives you the greatest sense of meaning.
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4 Ways to Stay Engaged With Lifelong Learning


The more nourishment we give our brains in the form of experiences and information, the happier and healthier we will be.
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Become Your Own Health Hero


Become your own health hero by moving, embracing mindfulness and making your health and wellness central to your life.
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5 Reasons to Stop Hating Your Body


The new Netflix movie ''To The Bone' takes an unflinching look at anorexia and body dysmorphia. Here are five ways to love and appreciate your body...


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