Bethany Hamilton

Sean Rowland/Getty Images

Bethany Hamilton Rides a Wave of Purpose


Surfer Bethany Hamilton not only survived a shark attack, she has gone on to to inspires million with her courage and resilience.
Keenan West Stands Up to Bullying

YouTube Star Stands Up to Bullying


Keenan West has created a hugely popular anti-bullying campaign by "meeting kids where they are." And in this case, they are on YouTube, watching his...
Amy Van Dyken: A Potrait of Resilience

Photographs: Top © David Zalubowski/Corbis, Middle, Reuters/Corbis, Bottom, Carlo Allegri/Reuters/Corbis

The Bounce-Back Effect


When Olympic swimming champion Amy Van Dyken was paralyzed in an accident, she faced a very tough road to recovery. Using her own positive spirit and...
Mountaineer Dave Hahn

Photograph: Courtesy RMI Expeditions

Dave Hahn Is Always Climbing Higher


Mountaineer Dave Hahn has found his life purpose above the clouds.
Blue jay in flight

Paul Reeves Photography/

Embrace Life


Despite an amost unbearable succession of tragedies, chaplain Jennifer Holder was able to find her way back into life.
Man with horse

Courtesy of Reins of Hope

The Healing Horse


Equine therapy, which utilizes the calming effects of interacting with horses, is helping veterans overcome PTSD.
Young woman lying on the grass

PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarck/

4 Websites That Will Help You Build Hope


These four sites will help you make plans for your future, stick to your commitments and spread hope.
Steve Holcomb in a bobsled

© Charlie Booker

Olympian Steve Holcomb Defeats Despair


For Steve Holcomb, the element of self-determination is key. When a degenerative eye disorder threatened to end his career, Steve lost and then...
Shane Lopez holding a bunch of red balloons

Photography by King Au. © Live Happy LLC

The Hope Monger


Wish upon a star? Forget it. If you really want to make your dreams come true, you need to harness hope. Psychologist Shane Lopez shows us how.


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