Photograph by Takashi Owaki.

Secrets to a Happy Life


In Okinawa, elderly women are respectfully called obah, or grandmother. Because residents of Okinawan communities feel deeply interconnected, an obah...
A hillside in Bhutan

Photograph by Geoff Oliver Bugbee

Be Happy in this Short Life


What secret to happiness is held by residents of the mountainous kingdom of Bhutan? Find out here.
Dancers in Bhutan

Happiness Around the World


Abandoned as an infant on the streets of Calcutta, India, Jayme Illien was adopted by a woman in the United States. His mission, he realized, was to...
Noodle stand in Bangkok, Thailand

In Search of Happiness in Thailand

Biochemist-turned-Buddhist-monk Matthieu Ricard in his TED Talk “The Habits of Happiness” says, “It seems that no one wakes up in the morning...

Thinley Yangzom. Photo by Geoffrey Oliver Bugbee.

Is Bhutan the Happiest Place in the World?


“For me happiness is not only for myself, but also includes my family,” says Thinley Yangzom. “If there are needs in my family and I can provide for...

Archery of Bhutan


In the Kingdom of Bhutan, the national sport of archery offers an entertaining spectacle for observers and requires focus, strength and stamina from the competitors. For the archers, tournaments are a means of blowing off steam while preserving their traditional culture. It’s also just good, clean fun.
Taktsang Palphug Monastery (The Tiger's Nest), Bhutan


What is Gross National Happiness?


Gross National Happiness (GNH) is an indicator originally developed in Bhutan to obtain a better understanding of the wellbeing of its citizens.

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