Smiling woman with holiday presents.


4 Ways to Make This Holiday Season Better Than Perfect


According to Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, an all-or-nothing mentality could keep you from enjoying yourself during the holidays. Let go of perfectionism...
happy gift books


9 Gift Books to Spark Joy This Holiday Season


What books bring you joy? A cookbook, a coloring book, a book by Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama? We've gathered an eclectic list of uplifting books...
Colleagues exchanging presents at a meeting.

Try These 5 Better Ways to Celebrate at Work


When you celebrate the holidays at work this year, try putting the focus on experiences instead of gifts.
Happiness of the Holiday Table

Illustrations by Jon Cannell

Happiness of the Holiday Table


Swapping favorite stories is more than just holiday dinner banter. It bonds us, shapes us, shores up our family pride and deeply enriches our lives.
Holiday Traditions Around the World

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How Do You Spell 'Santa' in Swedish?


As we gather to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, it's fun to learn how other cultures enjoy the season.
Healthy Christmas cookies on a tray.

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3 Holiday Cookies With a Healthy Twist


Holiday cookies don't have to make you feel guilty. Instead of traditional treats, try these three recipes that include healthy, mood-boosting...
7 Expert Tips to Survive the Holidays With Your Dysfunctional Family


7 Tips to Survive the Holidays With Your Dysfunctional Family


Holiday parties can turn into a petri dish for family drama. Experts Connie Podesta and Pat Pearson offer tips for getting through unscathed.
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When Gift Giving Goes Wrong


Simple as it may seem, gift giving is loaded with meaning. Editor at large Stacy Kaiser offers expert tips for both the gift giver and receiver as we...
Shawn Achor's tips for being happy during the holidays.

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3 Secrets to Happiness This Holiday Season


Expectations and stress seem to increase over the holidays. Happiness experts Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan suggest forgetting others' expectations...
6 Edible Gifts to Give With Love


6 Edible Gifts to Give With Love


During the holidays, making homemade treats to give to friends and family captures the spirit of the season. If you want to give something from your...