little girl reading a book

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5 Kids’ Books to Cheer Up and Gear Up for the School Year

Check out our picks for your child's reading list.
A woman with a superhero cape ready to take on the world.

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What Superheroes Teach Us About Responsibility


Life lessons from the extraordinary remind us about the power of good.
Women wearing pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

4 Ways to Help When Someone You Love Has Breast Cancer


When someone you care about faces breast cancer, it can be difficult to know how to help. Here is honest advice from someone who's been through it.
Woman jumping off a bridge
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10 Best Books to Inspire Courage

The best books to inspire courage are often quiet volumes that chronicle a journey of the heart and soul.
Woman participating in a mud run.

Mud Runs and 6 Other Ways to Conquer Your Fears


Conquer your fears and overcome obstacles in life by engaging in challenging activities that take you outside your comfort zone.
Noah Galloway

Noah Galloway Is Living With No Excuses


Army veteran Noah Galloway fought his way back from despair to live a life with no excuses.
Meet three people who have truly flourished.

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Transform Your Life and Flourish


Meet three inspiring people who have taken risks in order to live fully and flourish.
Keenan West Stands Up to Bullying

YouTube Star Stands Up to Bullying


Keenan West has created a hugely popular anti-bullying campaign by "meeting kids where they are." And in this case, they are on YouTube, watching his...
Stan Lee's Superhero Skills


If Stan Lee Could Have Any Superpower ...


Comic book legend Stan Lee is a mastermind behind some of the greatest superheroes of all time.
3 Expert-Tested Tips for Tackling Anxiety


3 Expert-Tested Tips for Tackling Anxiety

A new book by Alice Boyes, Ph.D., explains how to tame your worries and fears by going outside your comfort zone.


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